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Amenities Your Residents Will LOVE
Get ready to become a master of amenity matchmaking! This interactive and engaging webinar will help you discover how to strategically plan and implement amenities that align with the unique needs of your resident community. Our panel of multifamily experts will reveal game-changing options that don’t just create “love at first sight” moments for prospects […]
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Home Is Where Your Apartment Is: Building Community to Enhance Resident Retention
“Home is Where Your Apartment Is” aims to present a compelling panel discussion focused on the crucial link between building community and increasing resident retention in multifamily properties. As property owners and managers face the ongoing challenge of retaining residents in competitive housing markets, cultivating a strong sense of community emerges as a powerful and […]
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The Evolution of Cyber Risk Management: New Regs, AI, Data Governance – Oh My!
The scope of what is needed to adequately manage cyber risk continues to expand. Technological advances, including the proliferation of AI solutions, are rapidly evolving, and the data protection regulatory landscape is following suit in an effort to keep pace. As a result, cyber risks inherent in multifamily operations may be broader than you think […]
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From Budget Woes to ROI & Retention Heroes: Dominating the 2024 Multifamily Budget Season
Are you ready to transform your budget challenges into triumphs? Join us for this power-packed session as top property management leaders dive into essential tools, strategies and hacks to help you conquer the 2024 budget season. Say goodbye to financial woes and hello to strong returns on investment and resident retention. Key Takeaways Get ready […]
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2023 Trends in Multifamily Coworking Spaces
According to a report by Multi-Housing News, flexible coworking spaces will be at the very top of multifamily renters’ wish lists in 2023. And it’s no wonder – more renters than ever are working from home. In September 2022, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 17.9% of Americans (27.6 million people) are primarily working from […]
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The Impact of COVID-19 on the Multifamily Industry
On a recent webinar hosted by Fetch, a provider of door-to-door delivery for on-site package management, multifamily industry veterans discussed the pivotal changes their organizations have made in response to the COVID-19 outbreak and what the new future of the multifamily landscape may look like.The event was hosted by Matt Greene, Vice President of Sales […]
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