Keep your cafe buzzing with ultra-convenient printing amenities.

PrintWithMe is the elevated wireless printer amenity trusted by more than 3,000 partners across the United States.
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Why choose PrintWithMe for your coffee shop?

Provide a convenient service to your community.

Customers can print wirelessly from any digital device, and according to our research, PrintWithMe drives up to 35 new customer visits per week to coffee shops nationwide.

Elevate your shop for free.

Yes, you read that correctly. There’s no charge to host a printer in your shop. We provide the machine, the toner, and the paper.

Generate new revenue.

When surveyed, 70% of PrintWithMe customers made an in-store purchase separate from their print job. The average coffee shop sees over $7,000 in incremental yearly revenue from PrintWithMe after one year of growth.

Make your shop more eco-friendly.

We exclusively use 100% sustainable paper, and one machine can save up to 550 lbs of electronic waste per year.
By the numbers.
3,000+ partners
42 million pages printed
1.2 million users

"Unless I have very large printing needs, I will be using PrintWithMe in the future. They're very convenient, the customer service is great and responsive, and it's incredibly easy and intuitive to use."

Sam Smith
PrintWithMe user

"FOOLPROOF! Print With Me is soooo easy to use. Email your file, click the link they send you, select your print options, and boom—PRINTED. I don't think it could be any easier."

Natalia Jaramillo Gonzalez
PrintWithMe User

Attract digital nomads with office amenities.

Digital nomads are increasingly choosing cafes and coffee shops as their go-to spots for getting work done. Attract the interest of today’s professionals who seek comfortable, connected spaces where they can maximize productivity. By adding cutting-edge office amenities, like our self-service printer, you’ll quickly see modern workers flock to your establishment.

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Turn your cafe into a place people WANT to stay.

People frequent cafes not only for the food and drinks but also for the ambiance and overall experience. Whether it’s chats with friends or productive work sessions, customers stay for an experience you can’t put a price on. PrintWithMe can help turn your cafe into a destination where customers have the necessary tools to complete their tasks in one place.

Focus on making delicious coffee. We'll take care of the rest.

Your team is focused on brewing exceptional coffee and providing service to your customers. Let us handle the additional amenities. You won’t need to worry about managing the printer supply or maintenance. We provide toner and paper and troubleshoot any technical issues, delivering a smooth experience for you and your customers. ‘

While adding a printer to your shop might not have initially crossed your mind, you’ll quickly appreciate why it’s a worthwhile decision.

Everyone values convenience — so why not bring it to your coffee shop?

Convenience is king. Our self-service PrintWithMe printers for your coffee shop provide this much-needed convenience. Imagine your patron’s delight when they realize they can easily print documents while sipping their favorite brew. This simple addition transforms your cafe into a multifunctional space.

By offering printing amenities for cafes, coffee shops, and similar establishments, we broaden your appeal to more eyes and ears. Attract business professionals who frequent coffee shops and coworking spaces and bring them an experience that's truly convenient and worthwhile.

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