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Elevated and Streamlined Student Living in New York
Jason Borges, the Community Manager for Aspen Syracuse in Upstate New York, first encountered PrintWithMe in Sacramento, California, while managing an Asset Living property, The Crossings. As part of Asset Living’s corporate strategy, they partnered with PrintWithMe to help generate widespread onsite operational efficiencies and establish a better ROI. Jason’s prior experience with Ricoh and DIY setups led to him quickly becoming an advocate for PrintWithMe. Drawn to the program's efficiency and exceptional customer service, Jason wholeheartedly endorses PrintWithMe, “I definitely recommend it to other properties.”
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Florida-Based RangeWater Community Praises PrintWithMe Service
Rachel Stevenson, a seasoned leasing consultant at Apex Posner Park in Davenport, Florida, shares her experience with PrintWithMe. Rachel underscores the value of her unique perspective as both a resident and leasing consultant, highlighting the positive impact on both residents and staff: “Usually, it's the leasing consultants who are helping out the residents and are more hands-on. I would be surprised if my manager knew anything about PrintWithMe, and for me, that's a great thing.” Using it as a resident herself, Rachel finds the system self-sufficient and intuitive.
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General Manager’s Secret Weapon for Elevated Living
Managed by Brookfield Properties Multifamily, Līlia Waikīkī is a picturesque 28-story tower housing over 400 residences. It provides a modern living experience that seamlessly combines elegance and comfort while serving as a sanctuary for residents and visitors to connect with the vibrant neighborhood and culture of Waikīkī. The General Manager, Emma Toy, has been a dedicated advocate for the innovative printing solution, PrintWithMe, since its introduction in 2014.
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Innovative Amenities, Happy Residents: The Metro Apartments WithMe Experience
Metro Apartments, nestled in downtown Denver, has undergone a transformative journey in enhancing resident satisfaction through strategic decisions to integrate innovative amenities. In a conversation with Courtney Knieper, the Assistant Property Manager, we gained valuable insights into the seamless implementation and remarkable impact of PrintWithMe and SipWithMe.
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ORA Top 1% Property Relies on WithMe Amenities
In the competitive landscape of modern multifamily properties, providing exceptional amenities is essential to stand out and enhance resident satisfaction. Glenn Schoeneck, Property Manager at The Standard in Scottsdale, Arizona, shares insights into the transformative impact of WithMe's SipWithMe and PrintWithMe solutions on their property.
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Seattle: Brewing Community Bonds with SipWithMe
Nestled in Seattle's U-District, Prexy Apartments, managed by Sweet Homes Properties, stands out as a modern haven. Roman Turbal, the property manager, shares insights into the integration of SipWithMe, an innovative coffee amenity that has not only elevated resident satisfaction but also become a pivotal tool for community engagement.
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Elevating the Resident Experience in Dallas
Situated at the heart of Dallas, Carlisle & Vine apartments offers an exquisite living experience. Briana Dashefsky, the Property Manager, shares how the strategic implementation of PrintWithMe and SipWithMe has revolutionized their community, transforming amenities and improving operational efficiency.
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The Fitzgerald: Elevating Community Living with SipWithMe and PrintWithMe
In the heart of Denver's vibrant LoDo area stands The Fitzgerald, a high-rise marvel managed by Greystar. Sergio Aguilera, the property manager, shares insights into how SipWithMe and PrintWithMe have transformed the resident experience and operational efficiency at this luxurious address.
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Texas-Based Property Elevates Resident Experience with SipWithMe
Luxia River East, a thriving community in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, has taken resident amenities to a new level by partnering with SipWithMe. [...]
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