Green policy.

We’re committed to building a sustainable environment for everyone.

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WithMe’s green policy.

At WithMe, we believe environmental conservation is both a good business practice and our duty. Our team is committed to building a green future where self-serve amenities are not only sustainable, but can actually help promote eco-friendly practices and reduce harmful waste.

PrintWithMe’s impact.

Here’s proof our policies are making an impact. Each printer results in a net annual reduction of:
550 lbs
of individual electronic waste
4750 kW
of energy

*Results gathered from 156 active users to quantify PrintWithMe's impact on their previous printer and toner purchase behavior.

SipWithMe’s impact.

Our SipWithMe machines are helping the environment by:
Reducing single-use plastic waste. 
We purposefully invested in machines with a brewing process that doesn’t rely on single-use plastic products.
Encouraging sustainable consumption practices.
We encourage all of our partners to adopt “bring your own mug” policies to cut down on the use of disposable and harmful supplies.

WithMe’s commitments.

WithMe is deeply committed to the following sustainability efforts as part of our green policy.

Utilizing 100% sustainable paper

All paper used in our PrintWithMe machines is made from renewable resources and sustainably managed forests. We source our paper from partners who replenish forests and are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council or the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. We also offer recycled paper options at select locations.

Distributing free recycling resources

Upon request, WithMe provides properties and businesses with free recycling bins and free recycled staplers for users’ convenience. All of our signage encourages users to recycle paper.

Offering free printer refurbishing

Rather than buying new PrintWithMe machines whenever technology issues arise, WithMe is committed to helping our partners fix and refurbish their devices. Partners can ship PrintWithMe printers to our company at no cost to them, and our care team will fix the device and ship it back.

Reducing individual waste

Our research has shown that communities with just one PrintWithMe machine save up to 550 lbs of individual electronic waste and 4750 kW of energy per year. We are committed to promoting a culture of shared community resources versus individual printer, paper and toner/ink consumption.

Our SipWithMe machines are also making an impact. Our brewing system significantly reduces single-use plastic waste, and we encourage our partners to adopt “bring your own mug” policies to cut down on the use of disposable alternatives, which are often harmful for the environment.  

Building a carbon-positive future

The team at WithMe is committed to helping offset its carbon emissions and participating in volunteer activities that help create a carbon-positive future. This includes planting trees with the Arbor Day Foundation. We are also committed to making environmental concerns an integral part of our decision-making process as we grow and scale.

Implementing green office management

At our headquarters in Chicago, WithMe is committed to being environmentally conscious at all times. This includes using digital communications whenever possible; recycling and reusing waste materials; purchasing recycled office supplies; using low-energy light bulbs; turning off unnecessary lights and electronics; and monitoring electricity, gas, and water energy consumption.
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How you can help

Want to go green with us?

Here are some ways you can help WithMe make a difference.
1. Reduce, reuse, recycle
If you need to throw away papers, recycle whenever you can. You can also recycle your old, unused printers and other electronics by dropping them off at your local Best Buy or Staples.
2. Print only what you need
To reduce your personal paper consumption, be conscious of how much you are printing, and only print what you need.
3. Work remotely
Ask your manager if you can work remotely, even one day a week. Work out of your home or a nearby coffee shop. This will help you cut down on gas waste and carbon emissions.
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