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The coffee amenity residents can’t get enough of.

SipWithMe is elevating the resident coffee amenity experience in communities across the U.S. We partner with local craft roasters in every market to ensure our sleek, modern devices dispense roast-to-order, barista-quality beverages every single time — all at up to 60% OpEx savings.
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Good vibes & great coffee make for happy residents.

SipWithMe is elevating the self-serve coffee experience.

Decrease spending and control costs.

Enjoy set fees and predictable budgeting across all package options while curbing excess consumption with our innovative Cup Allowance technology.

Improve the reliability of your coffee amenity.

The SipWithMe program offers robust monthly reporting, 24/7 technical issue monitoring, and rapid customer support.

Elevate your resident experience.

Deliver a thoughtfully curated amenity that offers barista-quality drinks and user-friendly ordering.

Promote eco-friendly practices.

Go green with a brewing process that reduces single-use plastic waste, and take it a step further by adopting a “bring your own mug” policy.
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"This machine is better…the quality of the coffee is better. It’s a nicer experience visually and way more user-friendly. We can count on SipWithMe if something goes wrong, which was not the experience I had with prior companies."
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Allison Kolman
General Manager, EnV
"Our residents love the new SipWithMe coffee and machine. I have received multiple compliments on the variety of brews they can select from, how easy the machine is to use and the flavor of the coffee. The team here is very impressed with the machine and the quality of the coffee!"
Sherry Haney
Senior Property Manager, Security Properties
"I like that it’s self-contained... it’s simple. We don’t have to order additional supplies, we don’t have to keep them in stock. It is just easier on the team."
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Debbie Lam
General Manager, Left Bank

Here’s how it works.

Ordering a fresh, barista-quality beverage is convenient, secure, and web-based. Once the checkout process is complete, beverages are dispensed within 60 seconds.
1. Scan the on-screen QR code.
2. Select and customize a beverage.
3. Complete the easy mobile checkout process and enjoy!
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Disrupting the multifamily coffee amenity nationwide.

SipWithMe is currently available in the following markets. If you don't see your city on the list, reach out, as we are continuously expanding based on demand!
Hartford-New Haven Houston 
Kansas City, MO 
Los Angeles 
Milwaukee Minneapolis - St. Paul
New Braunfels, TX 
New Orleans 
New York City 
Rochester, MN 
San Antonio 
San Francisco
Tampa Washington, D.C.
Visual map of available SipWithMe markets

All the perks of a coffee shop — right in your building.

Coffee shops bring a kind of atmosphere you just won't find anywhere else. The beauty of savoring a finely brewed cup of coffee, the aroma filling the air, and that first sip awakening your senses is something you can't quantify.

Bring that feeling to your property, but even better, with SipWithMe.

We transform your building into a bustling hub based on America’s favorite beverage — coffee. From conventional multifamily properties to student housing properties, we'll elevate your environment with the one thing that gets your residents up every morning. The calming comfort of a coffee shop is instantly available with SipWithMe.

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Barista-quality beverages that put other coffee making methods to shame.

SipWithMe provides only the best coffee. Our selection includes a variety of brews, each with its unique taste profile and charm. From the robust strength of dark roast to the subtle nuances of a medium blends, every coffee lover will find their perfect selection that puts even the tastiest drinks to shame.

The best part? Your guests can indulge in this gourmet experience without waiting in line or changing out of your pajamas.

Looking for classic espressos or frothy lattes that soothe the soul? We provide tasty options from some of the best brands, including:

  • Ampersand Coffee Roasters
  • Atomic Coffee Roasters
  • Caffe Vita
  • Fontana Coffee & Tea
  • Frothy Monkey Roasting Co.
  • Independence Coffee Co.
  • La Colombe
  • Metropolis Coffee Company
  • Rev Coffee Roasters
  • Summit Coffee
  • Torke Family Coffee Roasters
  • And more!

Give your students a great cup of coffee every day.

Mid-term exams. Late-night homework assignments. Students have PLENTY of reasons to drink a cup of coffee. And when they do, they usually want it fast, easy, and affordable. SipWithMe checks all three boxes.

Coffee is a moment of indulgence amidst your student residents' busy class schedules and study sessions. Our coffee solutions for student housing properties are designed to provide your students with any kind of coffee they desire. By supplying high-quality, easily accessible coffee, you're fueling ambition, encouraging moments of connection among peers, and creating a supported and energized environment. Coffee can transform the daily grind into moments your student residents look forward to, making every sip a reminder that great achievements start with great coffee.

Level up your coffee amenity with SipWithMe.

We make lives better every day. Let's brew a culture of joy, connection, and outstanding coffee experiences together.

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