Upgrade the student housing experience with self-serve coffee.

All-night study sessions. Marathon group project meetings. Exhaustive dissertation research. Early-morning classes. Student life demands coffee. Why not give your residents coffee they’ll enjoy drinking while also elevating their living experience?
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Why choose SipWithMe for your student housing property?

Take the guesswork out of budgeting.

We offer multiple all-inclusive, flat-rate packages so you can easily pick the one that fits your budget. No more blind guessing how much you’ll be spending. Our innovative Cup Allowance technology also allows you to control how many cups residents are drinking on your dime.

Improve the reliability of your coffee amenity.

Tired of trying to be a coffee machine tech or listening to residents complain when there’s no coffee? SipWithMe machines are monitored for technical issues 24/7, and support is available seven days a week.

Elevate your resident experience.

We’re challenging the notion that “lobby coffee” isn’t drinkable. All our beans are sourced from craft coffee roasters who share our commitment to excellence. Our 20+ beverage options are all roast-to-order and ready within 60 seconds. We challenge your local barista to match that efficiency!

Make your community more eco-friendly.

Our brewing process reduces single-use plastic waste, and we encourage all our partners to adopt a “bring your own mug” policy.
SipWithMe stats.
9,000+ registered users
10,000+ lbs of coffee beans used
150,000+ cups of goodness brewed

"This machine is better…the quality of the coffee is better. It’s a nicer experience visually and way more user-friendly. We can count on SipWithMe if something goes wrong, which was not the experience I had with prior companies."

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Allison Kolman
General Manager, EnV

"Our residents love the new SipWithMe coffee and machine. I have received multiple compliments on the variety of brews they can select from, how easy the machine is to use and the flavor of the coffee. The team here is very impressed with the machine and the quality of the coffee!"

Sherry Haney
Senior Property Manager, Security Properties

"I like that it’s self-contained... it’s simple. We don’t have to order additional supplies, we don’t have to keep them in stock. It is just easier on the team."

Debbie Lam
General Manager, Left Bank

Give your students a great cup of coffee every day.

Mid-term exams. Late-night homework assignments. Students have plenty of reasons to want a cup of coffee. And when they do, they usually want it quickly, conveniently, and at a reasonable price. SipWithMe checks all three boxes.

Our coffee solutions for student housing properties are designed to provide your students with a wide variety of coffee and cocoa beverage options. By supplying high-quality, easily accessible coffee, you're fueling ambition, encouraging moments of connection among peers, and creating a supportive and energized environment. Coffee can transform the daily grind into moments your student residents look forward to, making every sip a reminder that great achievements start with great coffee.

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Who knew a coffee machine could make barista-quality beverages?

Every SipWithMe single-serve coffee maker delivers moments of joy and satisfaction, and the primary reason is that we utilize the freshest beans from the best roasters. Each machine is a gateway to a world of flavors for your student residents, whether they fancy a bold espresso to kick start their morning or a creamy latte to soothe their late-night study session.

We’re proud to partner with top craft roasters across the country, including:

  • Ampersand Coffee Roasters
  • Atomic Coffee Roasters
  • Caffe Vita
  • Fontana Coffee & Tea
  • Frothy Monkey Roasting Co.
  • Groundwork Organic Coffee Roasters
  • Independence Coffee Co.
  • La Colombe
  • Metropolis Coffee Company
  • Rev Coffee Roasters
  • Summit Coffee
  • The Coffee Tree
  • Torke Family Coffee Roasters
  • And more!

Let students focus on their studies — not their wallets — with SipWithMe.

Education is an investment, and every penny counts when you're a student. Recognizing this, SipWithMe is committed to providing premium coffee experiences for your property without taking a toll on your student residents' wallets.

Students don’t have to venture off-site to satisfy their coffee cravings with tasteless coffee. Our self-serve coffee machines provide the luxury of choice and convenience without the burden of overpriced café visits.

With SipWithMe, you empower students to keep their focus sharp and their spirits high — all while keeping their finances intact.

SipWithMe fosters a community of coffee lovers.

Coffee has a magical way of bringing people together, turning strangers into friends and study sessions into bonding moments. SipWithMe's devices are more than just coffee machines; they're community hubs where stories are shared, ideas are born, and connections are made.

A great cup of coffee can transform study breaks, fuel late-night sessions, and foster unforgettable connections. With SipWithMe, one cup of coffee can elevate the student living experience, turning housing into a vibrant community.

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