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Jason Borges, the Community Manager for Aspen Syracuse in Upstate New York, first encountered PrintWithMe in Sacramento, California, while managing an Asset Living property, The Crossings. As part of Asset Living’s corporate strategy, they partnered with PrintWithMe to help generate widespread onsite operational efficiencies and establish a better ROI. Jason’s prior experience with Ricoh and DIY setups led to him quickly becoming an advocate for PrintWithMe. Drawn to the program's efficiency and exceptional customer service, Jason wholeheartedly endorses PrintWithMe, “I definitely recommend it to other properties.”
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“Everything's gone really, really well with it!”

Reliability and time savings

The primary advantage of PrintWithMe highlighted by Jason is the reliability of the amenity. Unlike previous printing solutions, PrintWithMe operates seamlessly, reducing disruptions and troubleshooting efforts. This reliability translates into significant time savings for both Jason and his team.

Enhanced resident experience

By providing a hassle-free and convenient printing solution, PrintWithMe aligns with the expectations of students. Students can relax knowing that they can send their assignments to the printer as soon as they get them in class, and then use the secure release code to print them once they’re home for the evening.

Competitive amenity in student housing

PrintWithMe contributes to making Aspen Syracuse a standout in the competitive landscape of student housing. The convenience, reliability, and security of PrintWithMe cater to the specific needs of students, positioning the property as an attractive option for students at Syracuse University.

Why PrintWithMe is the best printing solution

Reflecting on past experiences without PrintWithMe, Jason recalls managing a cumbersome Ricoh machine at a property in Mississippi. The aging machine caused constant disruptions, demanding time and attention. Jason recalls the Ricoh as “the bane of our existence” because it required so much time and energy to manage. PrintWithMe's services include leasing top-notch equipment, automated shipments, remote monitoring/troubleshooting, and so much more that saves Jason’s team countless time and hassle.

Given that Aspen Syracuse houses competitive students, PrintWithMe emerges as a crucial amenity, offering convenience and flexibility. Recognizing the studious nature of the residents, Jason leverages PrintWithMe as a key selling point during prospect tours, emphasizing its value in supporting academic activities. PrintWithMe’s proprietary allowance system enables Asset Living to offer students unlimited black-and-white printing – something that appeals to both parents and students – but also a limited number of pages printed with color. This prevents abuse of the system and ensures fair usage, contributing to a more efficient and equitable printing process.

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