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Since 2023
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“PrintWithMe is something that we show off”

Rachel Stevenson, a seasoned leasing consultant at Apex Posner Park in Davenport, Florida, shares her experience with PrintWithMe. Rachel underscores the value of her unique perspective as both a resident and leasing consultant, highlighting the positive impact on both residents and staff: “Usually, it's the leasing consultants who are helping out the residents and are more hands-on. I would be surprised if my manager knew anything about PrintWithMe, and for me, that's a great thing.” Using it as a resident herself, Rachel finds the system self-sufficient and intuitive.
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“It's a no-brainer to have that in the residents’ hands… to control their own printing needs. I would recommend that to anybody.”

Benefits over DIY

Reflecting on her earlier experience at a smaller RangeWater-managed community without a printer or business center, Rachel describes the challenges of handling resident printing needs in-house. The absence of a self-service printing option resulted in stress and fairness concerns. PrintWithMe, with its user-friendly interface and accessible support, eliminated these challenges, providing residents with a hassle-free solution for their printing needs.

Residents enjoy autonomous printing

Residents at Apex Posner Park respond positively to the program. They enjoy the first 10 pages free each month, and reasonable pricing for additional prints – thanks to PrintWithMe’s proprietary Print Allowance plan. Rachel notes the intuitive nature of the system and the effectiveness of the provided collateral. Once residents grasp the process, the need for assistance diminishes, contributing to a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Standout amenity and service

Rachel emphasizes the outstanding support provided during the integration of PrintWithMe at her property. The dedicated assistance, from the initial setup to addressing connectivity issues, ensured a seamless transition. The hands-on approach and accommodating team facilitated the integration, allowing residents to utilize PrintWithMe from day one. “The product is great, but the service is why you would choose something like that. So we're very grateful for that.”

How it started

Rachel first encountered PrintWithMe in a previous community, 741 Winter Park, before bringing it to Apex Posner Park. Impressed by the system's efficiency, she championed its implementation at Apex. Rachel recalls the excellent transition, seamlessly aligning with the installation of Wi-Fi in the club room.

Efficiency and streamlined processes

As both a leasing consultant and an on-site resident, Rachel attests to the system's impact on operational efficiency. The self-sufficiency of PrintWithMe, coupled with timely supply deliveries, alleviates the stress associated with traditional onsite printing. Rachel highlights the relief of not having to set boundaries for resident printing requests, ensuring an equitable and stress-free environment for both staff and residents. With remote monitoring on the device, not only are supplies automatically shipped when they’re low, but the WithMe team troubleshoots issues before staff hears about them.
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Resident retention and attraction

One of the key values highlighted by Rachel is the empowerment of residents. PrintWithMe provides a self-sufficient printing solution that allows residents to control their own printing needs. This empowerment not only enhances resident satisfaction but also significantly reduces stress for property managers. PrintWithMe also serves as a standout feature during prospect tours at Apex Posner Park. Positioned prominently in the business center, it complements other amenities, impressing prospects with its versatile printing, copying, and scanning capabilities. This extra amenity contributes to setting Apex Posner Park apart from competitors.
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Low maintenance, loved by staff

Rachel says she appreciates PrintWithMe's commitment to soliciting feedback, answering questions promptly, and providing a high level of service, making it a preferred choice for the community. Feedback from other staff emphasizes the low maintenance and ease of use associated with PrintWithMe. The system seamlessly integrates into daily operations, allowing staff to focus on assisting residents rather than troubleshooting printing issues. Overall, Rachel emphasizes that while the product is great, it's the outstanding service that sets PrintWithMe apart.
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