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Refer and receive: everything you need to know about our referral program. 

When a property you refer signs a SipWithMe contract, you will each receive $100. They’ll get an invoice credit, and you can choose between a $100 invoice credit or $100 Amazon gift card. The best part? You can refer as many U.S. multifamily apartment properties as you want! 
For your property
$100 bill credit or Amazon gift card
Each successful referral earns you a $100 gift - either a gift card, or a credit applied to your monthly invoice.*
*Subject to T&Cs.
For the referred property
$100 bill credit
We’ll apply a $100 credit to their first invoice.*
*Subject to T&Cs.
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Here's how it works
1. Share your SipWithMe experience and our website with the property.
2. Complete our referral form to let us know who we should reach out to.
3. When the property you referred signs a contract, and successfully installs the product, they’ll receive a $100 statement credit, and you’ll receive your choice of a $100 invoice credit or Amazon gift card!
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Disrupting the multifamily coffee amenity nationwide.

We currently serve the following markets. If you don’t see your market on our list, still reach out as we are continuously expanding based on demand!
Los Angeles 

"This machine is better…the quality of the coffee is better. It’s a nicer experience visually and way more user-friendly. We can count on SipWithMe if something goes wrong, which was not the experience I had with prior companies."

General Manager, EnV

"Our residents love the new SipWithMe coffee and machine. I have received multiple compliments on the variety of brews they can select from, how easy the machine is to use and the flavor of the coffee. The team here is very impressed with the machine and the quality of the coffee!"

Senior Property Manager, Security Properties

"I like that it’s self-contained... it’s simple. We don’t have to order additional supplies, we don’t have to keep them in stock. It is just easier on the team."

General Manager, Left Bank

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