WithMe Product Referral Program
Terms & Conditions

Last updated: December 2023

The WithMe, Inc. Multifamily Referral Program (“The Program”) allows multifamily clients that have existing contracts with WithMe products (PrintWithMe or SipWithMe) to earn $100 for each new Qualifying Multifamily Apartment Property they refer to WithMe. The $100 is offered as a bill credit or $100 Amazon gift card.


To participate, you must hold a position on the property management team at an individual client site (not regional manager or executive) and you must agree to these terms, which become part of your Terms of Service. (For reference: PrintWithMe Terms of Service and SipWithMe Terms of Service.)

How WithMe Clients Can Earn $100 Gift Cards or WithMe Bill Credits

Multifamily properties can earn $100 in Gift Cards or WithMe Bill Credits if (i) they are already in contract with WithMe and are considered a WithMe Client, (ii) a new referred U.S. multifamily apartment property or property management group signs a 1-year agreement for new WithMe service within 60 days of the original documented referral, (iii) the newly-referred property was referred to WithMe after the Program's commencement date, and not referred prior to the launch of the Program in May 2020, and (iv) your property confirms the referral via the form on our website.

WithMe Clients can earn a $100 gift card or WithMe Bill credit for every successful referral, which entails the completion of all three steps above. No limits on referral earnings for WithMe Clients.

Each gift card /bill credit for the original referring property will be paid after the referred property installs the product.


Referral program incentives cannot be combined with other WithMe discounts, referral programs, coupon codes, or incentives. 

How Referred Properties Can Earn WithMe Bill Credits

Referred multifamily properties can earn one $100 WithMe Bill Credit if (i) they did not previously have a contract with WithMe at any point in time, (ii) they are located in the United States, (iii) their primary business is being a multifamily apartment property or property management group, (iv)  they confirm via the form on our website that they referred to WithMe by a WithMe client property, and (v) the new referred and qualified U.S. multifamily property signs a 1-year contract with WithMe.

Referral program incentives cannot be combined with other WithMe discounts, referral programs, coupon codes, or incentives. 

Sharing Referral Communication

Individuals are prohibited from “spamming” anyone with referrals. This includes mass emailing, texting or messaging people you do not know, or using automated systems or bots through any channel to distribute your referral link. Individuals are prohibited from paying to advertise their referral communications.



If any provision in these terms is held to be invalid, void, or unenforceable, such provision (or the part of it that is making it invalid, void, or unenforceable) will be struck and not affect the validity of and enforceability of the remaining provisions.


Referral Program Duration

The WithMe Multifamily Referral Program will be live from May 2020 through the end of December 2024.  WithMe reserves the right to update, suspend, or terminate the Program anytime. 

Termination and Changes

WithMe may suspend or terminate the Program or a specific property or user’s ability to participate in it at any time for any reason.

We reserve the right to suspend referral payments if we notice any activity that we believe is abusive, fraudulent, or in violation of the WithMe product's Terms of Service, or the spirit thereof. We reserve the right to review and investigate all referral activities and to suspend accounts or modify referrals at our sole discretion as deemed fair and appropriate.

Updates to the Terms

We can update these terms at any time without prior notice. If we modify these terms, we will post the modification on the WithMe.com website, applications, or services, which are effective upon posting. Continued participation in the Program after any modification shall constitute consent to such modification.