Bring a smile to your apartment residents with every cup.

Coffee is more than just a beverage; it’s a morning ritual, a moment of solace, and, for many, the fuel that powers their day. Picture a world where your apartment residents could enjoy the small luxury of barista-quality coffee without stepping foot outside their building. Isn't that something every resident would appreciate — quick, convenient coffee to start their day or perk up their afternoon?
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Why SipWithMe?

Take the guesswork out of budgeting.

We offer multiple all-inclusive, flat-rate packages so you can easily pick the one that fits your budget. No more blind guessing how much you’ll be spending. Our innovative Cup Allowance technology empowers property owners to manage and track residents' beverage consumption with ease.

Improve the reliability of your coffee amenity.

Fed up with playing the role of a coffee machine technician or hearing residents grumble over a lack of coffee? SipWithMe machines are monitored for technical issues 24/7, and both remote and in-person support is available seven days a week.

Elevate your resident experience.

We’re challenging the notion that “lobby coffee” isn’t drinkable. Every bean we use is obtained from coffee roasters in the communities we cater to. Our 20+ beverage options are all roast-to-order and ready within 60 seconds. We challenge your local barista to match that efficiency!

Make your community more eco-friendly.

Our brewing process reduces single-use plastic waste, and we encourage all our partners to adopt a “bring your own mug” policy.
SipWithMe stats.
9,000+ registered users
10,000+ lbs of coffee beans used
150,000+ cups of goodness brewed

"PrintWithMe is, hands-down, the best solution for resident printing in multifamily. They’ve brought convenience, ease, and reliability to the frustrating process that is printing. Best of all, their team is outstanding and speedy with service and support."

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Pei Pei Mirabella
Senior Vice President, Operations, Bozzuto

"PrintWithMe has truly revolutionized the resident experience. As more and more residents were working from home, we found ourselves unable to keep up with printing issues. Making the switch to PrintWithMe was seamless and resolved all of our issues with that amenity. Not only do they take care of managing the whole process, it now provides a more efficient and secure printing option for our residents."

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Scott Fleming
Regional Manager, Willow Bridge

"PrintWithMe answers the convenience trend for us in a unique way. It enables our residents to print in seconds from their smartphone or laptop, from the comfort of their own apartment. It’s a game-changer for our property staff as well, as PrintWithMe handles all tech issues and servicing."

Bob Gleason
Vice President, Operational Support, Village Green

SipWithMe is proud to bring our apartment amenity right to your doorstep.

At SipWithMe, we believe that providing easy-to-use, self-serve coffee amenities for apartment complexes can significantly enhance the living experience of your residents. Offering this simple pleasure lets people start their day on a high note and gives property managers a feeling of satisfaction knowing they've gone above and beyond in providing for their residents.

What we do is designed with multifamily property owners in mind, simplifying the process of offering premium coffee in your buildings. We take care of everything, from maintenance to restocking, providing a simple and hassle-free operation for you.

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Get barista-quality beverages in your apartment buildings with the push of a button.

Gone are the days when instant coffee was “good enough.” Today’s residents expect more, and with SipWithMe, you can deliver. Our state-of-the-art machines serve everything from a robust Americano to a creamy latte, all with the ease of a single button. We also provide coffee from the tastiest brands in self-serve coffee. It’s the kind of perk that not only satisfies cravings but complements luxury apartment buildings and elevates you far above the competition.

  • Ampersand Coffee Roasters
  • Atomic Coffee Roasters
  • Caffe Vita
  • Fontana Coffee & Tea
  • Frothy Monkey Roasting Co.
  • Groundwork
  • Independence Coffee Co.
  • La Colombe
  • Metropolis Coffee Company
  • Rev Coffee Roasters
  • Summit Coffee
  • The Coffee Tree
  • Torke Family Coffee Roasters
  • And more!

Why your residents will absolutely love SipWithMe amenity.

The allure of having barista-quality coffee available on demand cannot be overstated. Residents no longer need to rush out in the mornings or settle for less-than-stellar coffee at home. It becomes a talking point, a unique selling proposition that can attract new tenants and retain current ones who value convenience and quality in their lifestyle. One simple addition can really make a difference within your apartment building.

Bring a luxury feel to your apartment building.

Not only are residents demanding more, but they're also demanding the absolute BEST of the best. As an apartment owner, you probably already know that amenities are on the rise. No longer is it enough to have in-unit laundry and call it a day. Fitness centers, pet amenities, smart home features, and more are all separating standard choices from elegant and luxury apartments, and you can join the ranks, too.

SipWithMe is a statement. It says that you care about the finer details and are committed to providing an upscale living experience. This amenity transforms an ordinary lobby or common area into a sophisticated café, making your property the place to live and reside. People don't just want a place to stay. They want an experience. SipWithMe provides just that.

Community and connection — all born out of your coffee.

Coffee has a way of bringing people together, and who wouldn't want to feel a sense of community in and around their home? A shared coffee space encourages interactions and connections, turning floor neighbors into friends and friends into family. These intangible benefits set SipWithMe apart, creating a vibrant, communal atmosphere within your property.

From bean to bliss, you can discover the SipWithMe difference today.

We're passionate about coffee and even more so about enriching the lives of apartment residents through our solutions. SipWithMe combines convenience and quality to deliver the ultimate coffee experience. We're ready to transform your apartment complex into a haven of happiness, one cup at a time. Bring one of the top luxury apartment amenities into your building today.
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