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Pressing On: A Black History Month Celebration of Leaders in Coffee and Printing
Welcome to Black History Month! This annual observance, which takes place throughout the month of February, provides an opportunity to reflect on the profound impact that African-Americans have had on history, culture, science, politics and countless other facets of human achievement. Black History Month traces its roots back to 1926 and the pioneering efforts of […]
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Coffee Saves Lives (Here’s Proof)
Coffee saves lives! It may seem like an overly dramatic statement, but believe it or not, your morning coffee could be positively impacting your health! Beyond its delightful taste and the immediate energy boost it provides, scientific studies have uncovered a wealth of health benefits associated with America’s favorite morning beverage. Nutrition experts at Johns […]
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​​Inkfluence: Celebrating the History and Impact of Printing Ink 
As purveyors of printing, we were excited to learn that there was an entire “holiday” devoted to an unsung hero of our industry - printing ink!  In this blog, we’ll delve into the origins of the holiday, the evolution of printing and the difference between printer and toner.  An Elusive History Very little information exists […]
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Coffee Cup Connectedness: How Physical Warmth Influences Interpersonal Warmth
Property management isn’t just about managing spaces. It’s about fostering environments where residents feel a genuine sense of belonging.  Science has proven there’s a simple, yet powerful way to instantly cultivate connectedness and trust – and it’s physical warmth.  In this blog, we’ll explore a scientific study that sheds light on the link between tactile […]
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Multifamily Excellence Unplugged: Exploring The Untapped Gold Mine of Supplier Relationships With Girish Gehani
In the latest episode of the "Multifamily Excellence" podcast, WithMe Founder and CEO Jonathan Treble interviews Girish Gehani, the COO of Trilogy Real Estate Group.  Trilogy Real Estate Group is a vertically integrated multifamily powerhouse, boasting a remarkable $4.5 billion in transaction volume across 14 thriving U.S. markets. During the interview, Jonathan and Girish dive […]
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New Year, Next Level: 10 New Year’s Resolutions for Multifamily Property Management Leaders 
It’s that time of year again.  Time to make New Year’s resolutions.  Love them or hate them, they can be a catalyst for positive growth, development and improvement.  This year, alongside your annual resolutions to start a new hobby, improve relationships or cultivate better habits, why not resolve to explore new ways to make life […]
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Sleighing a Holiday Coffee and Cocoa Tasting Resident Event
The holidays should be a time of joy and excitement, but for those who can’t be with loved ones, they can create feelings of overwhelming loneliness and sadness.   On-site teams have the incredible opportunity to help residents feel the warmth of the season, literally and figuratively, with an unassuming amenity - the coffee machine (bonus […]
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WithMe: A True Entrepreneurial Endeavor 
Happy National Entrepreneurs’ Day!  The United States is renowned as the most entrepreneurial country in the world, but it wasn’t until 2010 that there was a day set aside to celebrate the achievements of its dreamers and innovators.  National Entrepreneurship Week was first observed November 14-20, 2010, with November 19 earmarked as National Entrepreneurs’ Day. […]
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Multifamily Excellence Unplugged: Building Successful Teams With David Danish
At WithMe, we firmly believe a company is only as strong as its team.  In the inaugural episode of the "Multifamily Excellence" podcast, WithMe Founder and CEO Jonathan Treble interviews David Danish, SVP at LivCor, to uncover valuable insights on building high-performing and fully engaged teams. Let's face it –  employee turnover in multifamily is […]
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