Modern amenities for multifamily buildings.

Think self-service printing and coffee for your multifamily property is covered? Think again. PrintWithMe and SipWithMe are here to revolutionize your resident experience.

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“PrintWithMe saved us time, hassle, and so much frustration. As a property manager, I’m always looking out for ways to improve our resident experience, lower costs, and make my team happier. PrintWithMe delivers on all three."
Kobe WalkerAssistant Manager, The Standard
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"When looking for a partner, Lincoln was searching for an elevated amenity for our residents while also providing cost and time savings for our teams. WithMe checked all of the boxes."
Theresa Kaiser-WhiteVice President - Asset Management and Procurement
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"SipWithMe, WithMe's coffee amenity, is the best of both worlds: It saves us money and the whole experience is elevated… It's a better product… a true amenity.”
Jessica GreenwayGeneral Manager, Roosevelt Lofts
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Why Choose WithMe?

Transform the way you view amenities.

Say goodbye to budget headaches. Our set fees, straightforward budgeting, and low consumption costs mean multifamily properties will see a major shift in cost management.

With our amenities, you can relieve your staff's workload. By taking on significant responsibilities, we free up your team, making them happier and more efficient.

Life is hectic; our amenities make it easier. From premium coffee to hassle-free printing, residents will rave about our well-designed and modern solutions.

Elevate your property's appeal with our sustainable machines and materials that promote eco-friendly practices within apartment buildings and other multifamily properties.

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Maximize the potential of your multifamily property.

What is PrintWithMe?

PrintWithMe is your go-to self-service printing station. Our easy-to-use printers are perfect for remote work setups. Placed conveniently in your multifamily building, they offer a hassle-free printing experience that meets the needs of busy young professionals and property staff. Say goodbye to the days of running to the office supply store.

What is SipWithMe?

SipWithMe brings barista-quality coffee amenities to your property. Imagine a space where residents can indulge in freshly brewed coffee while working or relaxing. SipWithMe enhances outdoor spaces and common areas, adding a comforting touch that encourages community interaction. It’s a complete lifestyle upgrade for your multifamily property.

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Own a multifamily property? You'll love our printing and coffee amenities.

PrintWithMe and SipWithMe are innovative solutions designed to elevate the living experience for everyone at your multifamily property. From the ease of self-service printing to the joy of barista-quality coffee, our amenities provide the best solution that caters to the desires of remote workers, young professionals, families, and seniors alike, ensuring that everyone feels at home within your building.

Managing amenities doesn't have to be complicated.

With WithMe, managing amenities becomes effortless. Our comprehensive service handles everything from monitoring paper and toner levels to maintaining a consistent supply of coffee. Our dedicated team ensures that your PrintWithMe and SipWithMe stations are always fully stocked and operational, empowering property managers to focus on their core responsibilities with confidence.

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Why amenities for multifamily buildings?


Self-service amenities offer convenience that can't be quantified using numbers on a spreadsheet. In a world of unpredictable schedules, having access to essential services exactly when you need them is invaluable. With our amenities, you’ll discover that reliability and availability align with your residents’ lifestyles.


Looking to elevate your property to new heights? Modern amenities are key to attracting prospective residents who value a multifamily property dedicated to setting itself apart from the rest. By offering cutting-edge amenities, you demonstrate a commitment to providing an unparalleled living experience that resonates with residents.


Communities thrive when shared spaces are infused with opportunities for interaction. Encouraging engagement through shared co-working spaces and inviting outdoor areas, equipped with convenient amenities, builds a strong sense of community and belonging among residents.

Modern problems call for innovative solutions, and WithMe delivers just that.

Elevate your property with our state-of-the-art printing and coffee solutions, designed to meet the demands of modern residents. Contact us today to discover how WithMe can help you create a hassle-free and inviting environment that resonates with your residents and staff.
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