At the close of each quarter, the entire WithMe team comes together to reflect on the challenges and celebrate the triumphs of the prior three months. 

Company and department performance is carefully reviewed and analyzed, laying the groundwork for the goals and areas of focus that will not only guide the quarter that lies ahead, but the remainder of the year.

As a remote-first company, WithMe’s quarterly meeting also provides a valuable opportunity for the full team to interact and recommit to WithMe’s values, which are central to everything we do. 

Here are five of our most significant achievements from the first quarter of 2024: 

1. We grew our team by nearly 20%. 

    In response to burgeoning demand for our amenities, we added new talent across sales, operations and human resources. 

    This continued investment in our team reinforces our commitment to delivering unparalleled service while fostering a culture of innovation and inclusivity. 

    Each new team member brings fresh perspective and expertise, enriching our collective capabilities and propelling us forward on our mission to transform multifamily amenities.

    Our team is constantly growing and evolving, and we are always searching for new rockstars who can help us further our mission to make lives better every day. Open opportunities can be found on our careers page.

    2. Our PrintWithMe and SipWithMe partner NPS scores remained World Class and Excellent at 79 and 59, respectively. 

      As one of our core values, customer obsession lies at the heart of everything we do. We routinely survey our clients to not only gather candid feedback about their experience with our amenity solutions, but to gain perspective on the multifamily industry at large. 

      Achieving World Class and Excellent ratings from our partners reaffirms our commitment to providing exceptional experiences, driving us to constantly raise the bar in everything we do. 

      By prioritizing feedback and staying attuned to partner needs, we ensure that every interaction with our amenities is marked by reliability, efficiency and value.

      3. We forged new connections, strengthened existing relationships and gained important perspective on the industry by participating in 23 prominent multifamily conferences and events.

        Trade shows, networking events and education sessions serve as dynamic platforms where property management leaders converge to learn, share ideas and cultivate relationships. 

        For us, these events aren't just about exhibiting our products—they're about listening to our clients, understanding their needs, and collaborating on solutions that elevate their experiences.

        Events are also about being at the forefront of discussions surrounding community living. At every event, we gain valuable insights into emerging trends, regulatory changes and evolving consumer preferences, allowing us to adapt and innovate accordingly.

        Perhaps most importantly, our presence at trade shows and involvement with apartment associations supports our commitment to building meaningful connections with our partners and industry peers. It's about being part of a larger community—a community driven by a shared passion for enhancing the everyday experiences of residents and on-site teams.

        The next time you see us at a trade show or hear about our involvement with an apartment association, know that it's not just about coffee and printers—it's about shaping the future of communal spaces, one connection at a time. 

        To see a list of upcoming events where you can meet with the WithMe team, visit our events page.

        4. We published the inaugural edition of “Partner Perks,” our quarterly client communication, and hosted the first-ever “Partner Power Hour,” a quarterly town hall webinar organized by our client success team. 

          The rollout of both of these initiatives marked a significant milestone in our journey to enhance our services and increase engagement with our partners. 

          “Partner Perks” will not only relay important product news and updates, it will also feature seasonal templates designed to help drive usage and maximize ROI. 

          The “Partner Power Hour” will provide a forum for open dialogue, enabling us to deepen relationships and align our strategies with client needs and expectations. 

          By finding new and innovative ways to foster a culture of transparency and collaboration, we empower our clients to maximize the value of our offerings and drive mutual success.

          5. SipWIthMe users enjoyed nearly 300,000 barista-quality beverages, which equates to five tons of coffee beans! 

            Beyond mere numbers, this achievement symbolizes the role we play in brightening daily routines and fueling moments of productivity and joy. Whether powering through a morning meeting or enjoying a midday pick-me-up, each cup represents a moment of connection and rejuvenation, underscoring our commitment to enhancing multifamily living experiences one sip at a time.

            If you’re interested in bringing SipWithMe to your community, complete our online form, and we’ll reach out to you with more information.

            As we celebrate these accomplishments, we remain steadfast in our commitment to delivering unparalleled value to our partners. With the foundation laid in Q1, we look forward to an outstanding year ahead.

            Stay tuned for more updates and insights as we continue to innovate and inspire in the months to come!