Here are some notes for Property Managers to keep in mind to ensure every resident’s leasing experience is above and beyond expectations.

Great -- you’ve found a quality resident prospect for your apartment! Now what?

Renters today expect a seamless leasing experience, aided by new technology, and these expectations are always evolving. To stand out amongst a sea of properties, there’s no doubt that apartment communities should strive to provide renters with an excellent leasing experience to seal the deal on their new home.

Here’s a few areas to keep in mind during the leasing process:

Nail those first impressions

With the power of the world wide web, prospects nowadays no longer need to reach out to leasing representatives for basic unit information. Most of their research is done online, with over 90% of people looking for housing searching online first and over 60% searching on mobile.

That means your listings should be able to tell a story. To do this, make sure your units are listed to showcase the various highlights of your property. For example, do your listings have professional, high-quality photos of the unit with vivid descriptions? Are there clear floor plans with virtual tour walkthroughs? Are all your great amenities and features listed?

Don’t forget to provide a seamless web and mobile experience for these online users as well, with a well-designed website and easily accessible contact information.

Take “What can I do for you?” to the next level

When your prospects are browsing properties to rent, they’re not just looking for a place to live -- they’re looking for a home. You may be tempted to jump the gun to get them to sign, but today’s renters want to know what you can do for them, and what your property can provide. Make sure your leasing agents answer all of your prospect’s questions first before jumping in with when they can move in or what their budget is, and don’t forget to provide authentic, natural conversation to help your prospects feel welcomed.

Remember: Don’t show them a floor plan, show them their next home. Don't show them a building, show them their neighborhood and future lifestyle. Why say you have a dog park when you can show them how your apartment community is pet-friendly with treats and water bowls abound, with a large, grassy area to make their furry friends feel at home, too? When it comes to the leasing process, show, don't tell.

Leverage modern technology to create a seamless leasing experience

The multifamily property manager should continually optimize their current renting strategies in order to better align with consumers’ evolving needs and expectations for convenience. Whether it’s booking an airplane ticket, shopping for products online, or scheduling a dentist appointment, every user wants a seamless experience. Apartment communities can now use current technology to address the pain points of modern renters, making the leasing process as simple as possible.

This can range from creating robust and detailed listings online, to ensuring that leasing agents are easily accessible across multiple channels of communication - including online chat and social media. Or better yet, you can even automate certain processes for added convenience, such as online lease signing and self-serve tour scheduling. Using an automated tour calendar, apartment shoppers can immediately choose an available time to see your property - instead of needless back-and-forth with an agent.

Be accessible and prompt

To prospects, the leasing process can be indicative of how their rental experience will be. A great leasing experience doesn’t just end as soon as your new tenant signs. How easily and quickly they can contact and engage with a leasing agent shows how they can count on property staff to be easily accessible and prompt in responding to issues they may have down the line. A modern, paperless leasing process shows that other tasks such as paying rent or putting in a maintenance request can be done with ease as well.

It is crucial that prospects’ needs and expectations are not only met, but exceeded. Drawing in high-quality tenants means going above and beyond to provide the best experience and leaving a positive lasting impression with the leasing process.