According to a report by Multi-Housing News, flexible coworking spaces are at the top of multifamily renters’ wish lists in 2023. And it’s no wonder – more renters than ever are working from home.

In September 2022, the U.S. Census Bureau reported that 17.9% of Americans (27.6 million people) were primarily working from home – a staggering increase from 2019, when only 5.7% worked from home.

As remote work and hybrid work models only continue to increase, multifamily property managers have been challenged to act quickly to accommodate residents' work-from-home needs.

In this WithMe webinar, host Jonathan Treble, founder and CEO of WithMe, Inc., brings together a panel of multifamily design and property management experts to discuss lessons learned and best practices for creating amazing coworking spaces in multifamily properties.

During this discussion, you'll learn from the following multifamily professionals:

  • Tamina Sheikh, Senior Regional Property Manager, Lincoln Property Company
  • Jonathan Evans, Senior Director, Asset Management, Greystar
  • Tyler Yates, Managing Director of Property Management & Operations, Cedar St.

Along with lessons learned and best practices, we cover:

  • Expert predictions on coworking space utilization in 2023 and beyond
  • What residents really want, need and expect in coworking spaces
  • How to refresh coworking spaces built prior to the pandemic to meet the needs of today’s remote workers
  • How to handle resident demand for coworking space
  • A checklist of items to invest in

Catch the full webinar here: