WithMe’s “Amenities Your Residents Will LOVE” webinar brought together a dynamic panel of multifamily experts to discuss strategies for selecting amenities that align with the unique needs of a resident community. 

Here are five key takeaways. 

Four classic amenities remain tried-and-true essentials. 

Residents love their pets and seek out amenities tailored to their comfort and their well-being (i.e., dog parks, grooming stations, pet-friendly events). 

Remote workers continue to want access to comfortable spaces outside their homes that are equipped to enhance their productivity (we have it on good authority that WFH residents love having access to a reliable community printer and a steady supply of great coffee).

Whether it’s a fitness center or dedicated green space, residents need a place where they can stretch their feet and get moving. 

From the pool to their unit, residents expect to have access to reliable Wi-Fi throughout the entire community. 

You don’t have to have the latest trendy amenity to stand out from the competition. 

Having the newest, flashiest amenities may generate a few extra online inquiries or property tours, but there are plenty of opportunities for established properties to maintain an edge. It all comes down to educating yourself on what the comps have to offer - and doing it better. 

If a competing community has a tricked out coworking space, figure out what you can do to bring yours up a notch. 

If you haven’t updated your fitness center in a few years, invest in buzzworthy equipment, like a Peloton bike or a Hydrow rowing machine. 

The next generation of amenities are helping residents create and rejuvenate.

Cold plunges, saunas, recovery rooms and salt rooms are all hot amenity trends, as are virtual sports simulators. Residents appreciate having spaces that feel like a sanctuary, where they can truly relax and unwind. 

Creative spaces are also trending. From podcast studios to music recording studios, properties are equipping entrepreneurial, self-starting residents with the tools they need to pursue their hobbies and passions.  

Never stop learning. Know the market. Know your comps. Know your residents.  

Selecting amenities is an art form - and education is the key to making the right investments. 

First, you need to keep a pulse on what’s happening in the industry. The best way to do that is by attending trade shows, getting involved with your local apartment association and having conversations with your peers. 

You also need to develop an understanding of what’s trending in your market. Shop and learn from your comps. Find out how established properties are upgrading their existing amenities and discover what cutting-edge options are being offered at new construction communities. And don’t sleep on the marketing materials that local sales reps leave at your front desk. You may uncover your next great supplier partner! 

Perhaps most importantly, you need to understand what your residents want and need. Every resident community has different tastes and preferences. Make it a point to routinely poll your residents to identify unmet needs and uncover new opportunities to add value. 

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. 

With peak leasing season right around the corner, amenities are obviously a key way to attract new residents. But don’t forget about the tremendous impact your amenities can have on the satisfaction and retention of existing ones!

Start by generating excitement at move-in. Take the time to show your new residents what’s available and also provide them with resources that will keep your amenities top-of-mind once they’re settled in. Some tech-savvy properties have started creating virtual guides that make it easy to discover where each amenity is located, what the hours are and how they can be reserved.

Make sure your entire team (including the maintenance crew) is well-trained on all things amenities so they can effortlessly answer resident questions and generate excitement about what the community has to offer. 

This may sound like an odd flex, but show off your amenity spaces by using them as the backdrop for events outside their intended purpose. Host a champagne toast in the dog park to celebrate the spread of new mulch. Throw a cocktail hour in the business center. Finding unexpected and unique ways to draw residents to your amenity spaces not only spotlights them, it also fosters interaction and helps build community. 

And finally, don’t forget the power of social media. Make it a point to regularly post photos of residents enjoying your amenities to encourage others to use them and to take advantage of everything your community has to offer. 

For more expert insight on using amenities to create communities that residents will fall head over heels for, watch the full webinar: