PrintWithMe Partners: Here are our top 5 recommendations to help your property increase its PrintWithMe printer amenity usage amongst residents.

Does your apartment property have a PrintWithMe printer amenity, but you wish you could promote the amenity better to your residents?

As more residents began working from work since COVID-19, the need for a convenient and secure printer amenity to support the new transition became increasingly crucial. It's more important than ever to help educate your residents about tools that can help them work remotely. This includes co-working spaces, conference rooms, phone booths, etc. -- and especially their PrintWithMe printer.

Here are our top 5 simple and high-impact efforts we recommend all partners take to raise awareness about PrintWithMe to your residents:

1. Send an email reminder to your residents letting them know about their PrintWithMe amenity.

  • Download this email template (customization-required) and send it to your residents


  • We can send the email to your residents on your behalf, with your permission. Simply let us know by emailing marketing@printwithme.comm!

2. Share photos or videos informing residents about their PrintWithMe printer on social media.

3. List PrintWithMe on your resident mobile app and on your website.

  • Download the PrintWithMe logo here.
  • Embed the PrintWithMe logo as a resident amenity within your resident mobile app; for example, Mobile Doorman.
  • We also recommend you to list PrintWithMe as an amenity on your website and on your ILS site. Here’s an example:

4. Display your PrintWithMe User Guide near your printer.

  • Email for a customized User Guide explains how to use the PrintWithMe printer and would have come with your printer during your initial set-up.
  • Make sure the User Guide is displayed prominently right next to the printer so that residents can easily find the instructions and learn how it works.

5. Place PrintWithMe flyers and signage in any elevator banks or community pinboards.

Lastly, don't forget to visit our PrintWithMe Partner Resource Center for our full list of tools and resources that can help your property get the most out of our amenity.

We hope each of these tasks helps you and your residents to use PrintWithMe. And don’t forget, our Customer Care team is here for you and your residents seven days a week to help with any of the tasks.

Feel free to contact if you or your residents have any questions about printing.

Happy printing!