"I want to get out of the printer business from a technology support side. Our residents and our teams are ecstatic about having you guys at our properties."

"PrintWithMe for the resident side is at all 125 properties, and we’re piloting six new office solution printers for our offices to have printing in the office. I don’t have to do anything on the support side, they handle it all."

"We love the staff solution. We started actively deploying that. The contract timeline makes sense for us, and the same benefits that we get from the resident-facing printer, we get with the staff solution as well. The simplicity of it. Everything from the easy contracts, the features you offer with the ink and paper, and the whole one-stop shop solution."

"We've loved the new printing system here in the office! It's been a seamless transition from our old equipment. We're feeling great about this new partnership."

"PrintWithMe offers a convenient and efficient way to print documents from your mobile device or computer at various locations. Its user-friendly interface, widespread availability and secure printing options make it an excellent choice for hassle-free printing on the go."

"Us at the office don't have to be side tracked from our own work to assist residents with their own personal printing, keeping us as productive as possible!"

"Unless I have very large printing needs, I will be using PrintWithMe in the future. They're very convenient, the customer service is great and responsive, and it's incredibly easy and intuitive to use."

"It is the best of both worlds: It saves us money and the whole experience is elevated. It's a better product…a true amenity."

"The touchless process is really helpful because the residents have the menu right in their phones and see what options are available without having to stand up there at the machine, so there is a privacy factor as well."

"Super easy to set up and customize your preferences. The location where I cowork includes a standard amount of prints in our membership, which I find very valuable."