In this episode of Multifamily Excellence, Samuel Mtunga, principal at XFD Real Estate Partners, chronicles his riveting journey from temp laborer in student housing to co-founder of one of its most formidable management companies. 

Samuel candidly reflects on the challenges he faced in XFD’s early years. He describes how limited resources and evolving needs required him to deftly juggle multiple roles and responsibilities, which proved to be crucial for the company's initial growth and success.

He also discusses the critical lessons he learned while scaling the company. He stresses the paramount importance of developing effective processes, emphasizing the need for teams to understand their goals, the reasons behind these goals and the methods to achieve them. 

Samuel also delves into how his leadership style has evolved throughout the years. He reflects on the experiences that prompted him to transition from being a purely results-driven leader to one who fervently believes that personal connections can greatly enhance team performance.