In this episode of Multifamily Excellence, Matt Fiascone, president of The Habitat Company, offers intriguing insight into his illustrious career.  

Starting with his serendipitous foray into the real estate industry, Matt recounts his journey through the evolution of asset management - from manual, paper-based processes to today’s sophisticated digital tools - emphasizing the necessity of adapting, learning and staying current with technological advancements. 

Matt also discusses the transformative impact mentorship has had on his career, both as a mentee and a mentor. He calls on other real estate leaders to guide the next generation and foster a culture of continuous learning and growth.

Throughout the episode, Matt lends insight into his personal leadership philosophies. He offers a powerful and fascinating narrative on crisis leadership, explaining how shared sacrifice, solidarity and foresight successfully kept his team together and prevented layoffs during the pandemic. Additionally, he presents a wealth of effective strategies for preserving culture in vertically integrated companies with highly dispersed teams.