Woody Stone, Cushman & Wakefield’s president of U.S. multifamily asset services, recently went on record to discuss the company’s goal to use technology and proptech to improve the team member experience. 

“Today’s staffing challenges, both in finding and retaining staff and in the escalating payroll costs, are pushing us to innovate,” Stone tells Multifamily Executive

One proptech solution being used by several Cushman & Wakefield properties is PrintWithMe, a printer amenity that offers residents an elevated wireless printing experience.

The service has proven to be an ideal fit for Cushman & Wakefield’s culture. In the words of Stone, “We are committed to creating a culture where we ‘Care First and Care Most’ for our clients, residents, and team members. This is what defines us.”

PrintWithMe takes care of Cushman & Wakefield residents by giving them 24/7 access to an amenity they love (take it from the Wall Street Journal), while keeping their personal information protected.

The solution takes care of property management teams by outsourcing all technical support, automatically shipping paper and toner when supplies are running low, and simplifying the budgeting process. Removing these operational burdens has helped reduce staff stress, prevent burnout and allow team members to focus on more important and more valuable tasks. 

WithMe’s mission is to make lives better every day, and we are proud to be helping Custhman & Wakefield keep its promise to Care First and Care Most about its teams and its residents.

Interested in elevating the printer amenity at your property? Click here to find out how to become a PrintWithMe partner.