In the world of multifamily coffee, where the art of brewing meets the demands of modern living, one name stands out as the trailblazer of innovation – Jim Carbone

With an illustrious career spanning multiple decades and multiple businesses, coupled with a deep-rooted passion for the coffee industry, Jim can undoubtedly be dubbed “the most interesting man in multifamily coffee." 

Let's delve into Jim's fascinating journey through the world of coffee, from his early days in the vending business to his current role at WithMe, Inc.

Jim's fascination with coffee began at a very young age, and throughout his teenage years, he worked for a family-owned vending business. Captivated by the intricate process of cleaning, filling and maintaining the coffee machines, Jim’s love for coffee only continued to grow, and he spent the first decade of his career in the retail space.

Jim’s enterprising spirit eventually led him out of retail and into the world of owning and operating his own businesses. From a convenience store to an equipment distributorship to an amusement company specializing in video games, Jim tried his hand at a variety of entrepreneurial pursuits. 

But he always came back to coffee. 

Jim successfully launched three different coffee vending services, but it was his final venture, Tradecraft Outfitters, that cemented his status as an iconic coffee connoisseur. 

Tradecraft aimed to revolutionize craft coffee distribution - and ended up taking it to a level previously uncharted. In partnership with the country’s top roasters, Tradecraft distributed a wide array of coffee and beverages to businesses nationwide.  

They helped corporations (including Yelp and Google) set up everything from simple coffee programs to full-fledged barista-run coffee bars. They dabbled in hospitality, offering their services to fine dining establishments and cafes. They were instrumental in opening hundreds of cafes and coffee shops across the United States.

With Jim at the helm, Tradecraft ended up being so wildly successful, it sold to UK-based Compass Group, the largest food service company in the world. Jim remained involved as the National VP of Business Development until he retired in 2020. The company is still going strong to this day. 

Jim’s retirement was short-lived. In 2021, he was coaxed back into the coffee world by Jonathan Treble to embark on a new venture - SipWithMe.

So, what led Jim to dive back into the coffee world with SipWithMe? It gave him the opportunity to use his extensive entrepreneurial experience and carefully cultivated industry relationships to create something truly unique for the multifamily industry. SipWithMe aimed to transform the coffee experience for residents, providing a sense of excitement and delight every morning.

The most rewarding aspect of multifamily coffee, according to Jim, is the enthusiasm people have for their daily cup of joe. SipWithMe brings an elevated coffee experience to residents, making that daily ritual even more enjoyable.

When asked about his favorite SipWithMe beverage, Jim admitted that he starts his day with a good, strong cup of black coffee, but after a few cups, he likes to indulge in a vanilla coffee – a testament to the quality and variety that SipWithMe offers.

Jim Carbone's journey in the coffee world exemplifies the power of passion, innovation and a strong commitment to providing people with an exceptional coffee experience. With SipWithMe, he is not only making mornings brighter, but he’s also shaping the future of multifamily coffee for communities across the United States. 

Jim Carbone is, without a doubt, a true coffee connoisseur and the most interesting man in multifamily coffee.