Seattle: Brewing Community Bonds with SipWithMe

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"They said that the coffee is awesome."

Nestled in Seattle's U-District, Prexy Apartments, managed by Sweet Homes Properties, stands out as a modern haven. Roman Turbal, the property manager, shares insights into the integration of SipWithMe, an innovative coffee amenity that has not only elevated resident satisfaction but also become a pivotal tool for community engagement.

Roman's quest for a commercial-grade coffee machine led him to discover SipWithMe, driven by the vision of providing quality coffee to residents without imposing charges. Balancing costs with luxury, Roman opted for a cup allowance package gifting residents 15 free cups of coffee per month.
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Key Takeaways: "I will definitely recommend SipWithMe for other properties within our portfolio." - Roman Turbal, property manager in Seattle

Coffee amenity with reporting

Residents have responded positively to the quality of the locally-roasted coffee provided by SipWithMe, and Roman has the data to prove it. Monthly, automatic usage reports that come from SipWithMe is something Roman looks forward to so he can make future adjustments to better serve his community – whether it’s changing the cup allowance amount, or adding additional mix-ins. The residents particularly love that the coffee is local from Caffe Vita, and that the beans are freshly ground to order.

Community building through SipWithMe events

Roman envisions SipWithMe as a catalyst for community engagement. By hosting events, like the upcoming coffee and dessert gathering, he aims to create informal settings where residents can share feedback and connect with the property management team. This approach humanizes the management team, further fostering a sense of care and community. "SipWithMe events will make our connection to tenants closer, and they will feel taken care of."

Economic benefits and resident retention

Roman emphasizes the economic advantage of SipWithMe, noting the significant savings for residents compared to local coffee shops. By offering just 15 free cups, residents save over $100 on barista-level coffee drinks each month. Plus, the ability for residents to craft their own specialty drinks further enhances the appeal, contributing to increased resident satisfaction and potentially attracting future residents.

“I will definitely do this everywhere.”

When asked if he would recommend SipWithMe to other properties, Roman playfully replied “definitely not because I don't want them to become our competitors.” It’s clear that SipWithMe offers a competitive edge that Roman wholeheartedly endorses. His willingness to recommend SipWithMe speaks volumes about the amenity’s success and its potential to enhance the overall resident experience across their properties.

Prexy Apartments' journey with SipWithMe underscores the amenity's role not just as a coffee provider but as a community-building tool. Roman's strategic approach to balancing free offerings, hosting events, and maintaining economic viability positions SipWithMe as a must-have for modern multifamily properties seeking to enhance resident satisfaction and foster a sense of community.

Unlock competitive edge with SipWithMe: Elevate your property's appeal

In the competitive landscape of multifamily properties, setting yourself apart is essential. SipWithMe is a standout feature that can give your property a competitive advantage. The ability to provide quality coffee seamlessly, coupled with strategic free offerings, not only delights residents but also positions your property as a modern and resident-centric space. As you aspire to distinguish your property in the market, consider the compelling edge that SipWithMe brings – a feature that not only attracts but also fosters long-term resident loyalty.
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Indulge residents with local coffee from Caffe Vita

Elevate the coffee experience at your property with SipWithMe's collaboration with Caffe Vita. By partnering with a renowned local roaster like Caffe Vita, SipWithMe ensures that your residents savor the finest coffee flavors. The absence of sugar in the coffee-making process also simplifies maintenance, offering a premium yet hassle-free coffee amenity. Provide your residents with a taste of local excellence, creating an enticing environment that not only meets but exceeds their expectations.
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SipWithMe: More than coffee, a community building tool

Transform your property into a vibrant community hub with SipWithMe as your community-building tool. By creating spaces where residents can connect, share feedback, and enjoy a cup of coffee, SipWithMe becomes a catalyst for community engagement. Embrace SipWithMe not just as a coffee solution but as a powerful tool to build a sense of belonging and community for your property.
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