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Since September 2019
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Tampa, FL

“My team can be more efficient at what we need to be doing in the office and not so much worried about printing.”

Nine15 is a beautiful high-rise luxury apartment located in the center of downtown Tampa, FL. With stunning apartment features and top-notch community amenities, Nine15 can back its bold claim that it will “leave you wanting for nothing.”

Business Manager, Garrett Wise, told us how he wished he had known about PrintWithMe sooner. When he inherited Nine15 after RPM Living took over the asset, PrintWithMe was already in use. It didn't take long to recognize that printing and scanning are still very much a thing, and that resident demand for it can quickly eat into staff productivity.

“We see the value that it adds to our residents, and also as an added amenity and something that is in need. Whether people want to believe printing and scanning is still a need... it really is. PrintWithMe really takes a lot off management. Otherwise, you might have somebody coming into my office and interrupting or needing something as simple as 'Can you print off my plane ticket?' Let’s be real here. It's not just one person when you have a community of 500. There's a huge percentage of the community that uses PrintWithMe, which is a lot of interruptions we don't need to worry about.”
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resident satisfaction
pages printed
550lbs +
e-waste saved per year

“The money we're spending versus the time we're saving, and the same for the resident, is the biggest benefit of having the PrintWithMe services within the community.” - Garrett Wise, Business Manager for RPM Living

“I don't have to worry about anything.”

Like I don't have time to sit here and try and troubleshoot and figure out on my own…It's like, I don't have to lift a finger.” With auto-ordered supplies and real-time device monitoring in place, on-site staff barely need to touch the printer. On occasion, on-site staff refills paper and switches toner cartridges -- and that's it. If a printer acts up, the PrintWithMe team addresses the issue, often before residents even report it. In the rare case, that a resident has an issue with their print job, they can call the PrintWithMe team directly for help, which further reduces disruptions for on-site staff.

“I'm surprised it doesn't cost more.”

This service is a nice addition for keeping the front desk staffed and keeping that presence at the front. The fewer people in front of them, the less work they have to do in a positive light because we need certain people to be involved in their jobs and everyone has their role.” In upscale apartments, the allure includes having a readily available concierge for resident assistance. Yet, if their time is consistently tied up with printing tasks, they lose the chance to be present for other residents. And while printing is important, it shouldn't consume the invaluable time of concierge and front desk staff. The reality is that there's a lot of wasted time in this area across the multifamily home industry.

“It saves me time.”

I don't have time to sit here and try and troubleshoot and figure it out on my own.” Garrett, like all on-site team members, is a busy guy with little free time. His skills, along with his staff's, are geared towards running an apartment complex, not tackling printer problems. Unless you’re lucky enough to have tech-savvy personnel on-site, troubleshooting printers is time-consuming (and incredibly frustrating!). Time is the only resource you can’t buy more of, but you can come close when you make smart choices like leveraging PrintWithMe for your printing amenity.

“It's less of a headache, less of a burden.”

Nine15 apartments boast an astounding 134% unit utilization rate. Since our partnership began in 2019, we’ve delivered over 10,000 print orders. That’s roughly 7 print jobs a day. Now imagine if their team had to manually print those orders and how much time it would take out of their day.

Wise like his given name, Garrett realizes that time is the most valuable commodity, and PrintWithMe enables him and his team to win back more time each day. Garrett isn’t the only RPM Living member to see how much PrintWithMe has helped eliminate disruptions and enabled his team to provide a superior service though. All 10 out of 10 RPM Living representatives recommend PrintWithMe. Community Director, Yanique McDonald, also loves the time she’s saving daily from using PrintWithMe, “I recommend PWM to my other coworkers and sister properties for the simple fact that it makes our work life easier.”

Not only is Garrett and his team saving time and headaches, but they’re also providing a more secure, inclusive, and convenient solution to their residents:
“The documents I've scanned for people are everything from legal documents to divorce documents to everything in between. And it's an awkward position to know that somebody's dealing with legal troubles and they live in your building and you have to remain reserved and save face.” Garrett and his team are relieved they don’t have to face those awkward and uncomfortable social situations that come with printing sensitive documents for residents.

Keep staff where you need them

If your on-site team is printing on behalf of residents, then their time isn’t being optimized. Concierge and front desk staff should be ready and available to help residents, but they can’t be if they’re stuck in the back trying to print someone’s resume. Learn how PrintWithMe can empower your staff to deliver better service now.
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Decrease disruptions

In a large community, distractions and disruptions quickly add up – especially over time-consuming processes like printing. Don’t make your team run a print shop. Discover how PrintWithMe can help you take back your time now.
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Deliver convenience to your residents

Despite our digital world, everyone still needs a printer from time to time. If you’re sending residents out the door to print, or making them wait in a long line for help with printing, then you’re creating inconvenience and frustration for them. Residents crave a seamless and convenient experience in their communities, and PrintWithMe is the perfect printing solution for a convenient and easy experience.
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