Milieu Chicago joins more than 100 Willow Bridge properties leveraging PrintWithMe

Since 2019
Property Size
275 units
Chicago, IL

Milieu joined more than 100 Willow Bridge properties partnered with PrintWithMe

Milieu, a Willow Bridge high-rise property located in Chicago, is synonymous with luxury, offering gorgeous views over 19 stories, a coveted location, and an array of modern features to simplify life for residents including keyless fob entry, Nest thermostats, and the PrintWithMe printer amenity.

Milieu has been using PrintWithMe since they opened in the Fall of 2019. They were looking for a better printer solution that met Willow Bridge’s standards of excellence. It had to be user-friendly, provide real value to residents, and empower staff to exceed expectations.

Over 20% of Willow Bridge properties partner with PrintWithMe, and it came highly recommended to the property manager by his peers. It quickly became a no-brainer for Milieu.

“I heard of PrintWithMe through our other properties that we have through Willow Bridge. I believe almost all of our properties use PrintWithMe. We love it. It takes all the hassle out of our hands." praised Kevin Borzym, Property Manager for Milieu. He explained that his team only needs to ensure paper is stocked, which is easy since PrintWithMe automatically sends paper and tone when supplies are low. The machine boasts 99%+ uptime, but when small issues do arise, the PrintWithMe team supports residents and staff 7 days a week, answering calls within seconds, so property managers and staff can focus on more important tasks than printing.
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"PrintWithMe is amazing. We wouldn't switch it if we had any other options just because of how easy and convenient it is." - Kevin Borzym, Property Manager for Willow Bridge

Better than DIY

"PrintWithMe deals with almost all of our printer needs, which brings less stress to us and makes it easier for all of us on site."

Prior to joining Milieu, Kevin worked at another property with a DIY printer setup. It was a hassle to monitor. They had to regularly check on the ink and paper levels, and remember to run maintenance on it. The printer would give out and need to be replaced nearly every year from so much use. Now, Kevin and his team never need to worry about those issues at Milieu, thanks to PrintWithMe.

Convenient and easy

"We don't have to do any tutorials on it or anything, residents just go up there and everyone figures it out within a minute. We don't have to worry about it."

Residents have an easy time navigating how to use PrintWithMe right from their own personal devices. Whether it's their first time using it, or their 100th, the process is simple and can be done from any device. The ease of use blends seamlessly in with Willow Bridge's mission to provide residents with a home of comfort and convenience.

Truly elevated experience

"We looked for what's very user-friendly, benefits our residents, and takes the worry off us."

PrintWithMe isn't just a regular printer. With a sleek design, security measures, and an accessible and responsive support team, PrintWithMe aligns with Willow Bridge's commitment to deliver impeccable service. It's compact and fits nicely in with the Milieu space. The "secure release" code ensures residents that their data is safe and protected. And, live Support is available 7 days/week.

How it began

Right from opening day, Milieu chose PrintWithMe for its resident printing solution. They selected the Unlimited package, which provides residents with unlimited black and white prints each month.

Having past experience with regular printers, Property Manager Kevin Borzym knew not to waste his residents and staff’s time with an unreliable and frustrating solution. "We come in to refill paper and that's all it takes. It is two minutes of our time, and that's maybe once every few weeks," explained Kevin. “That’s just something that we look for: what makes it easy for us and also makes it easy for all of our residents.” Residents really do love it, citing convenience, ease of use, and security as some of the top reasons. One resident even asked, “can you be in every apartment?”

In line with Willow Bridge’s call to go green to make green, PrintWithMe uses eco-friendly practices and sustainable materials that residents can feel good about. All of the paper is 100% sustainable, and with auto-shipped supplies, properties don’t need to worry about wasted product.

Data protection

Residents can rest easy knowing that their private information is safe with CCPA-compliant protection. All documents are encrypted upon upload and deleted immediately after the job is complete. Documents don’t print until the owner enters their “secure release” code, which means residents don’t need to worry about someone taking their personal documents either.
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Auto-ordered supplies

PrintWithMe uses predictive analytics to auto-order supplies such as paper and toner. Before supply levels are too low, paper and toner are shipped to the property automatically. The cost of supplies is included in the flat monthly package fee.
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Saves staff time

With a 99%+ printer uptime, auto-shipped supplies, and a live Customer Support team available 7 days a week, property staff no longer have to spend much time on resident printing.
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