Innovative Amenities, Happy Residents: The Metro Apartments WithMe Experience

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“It kind of solves every problem.”

Metro Apartments, nestled in downtown Denver, has undergone a transformative journey in enhancing resident satisfaction through strategic decisions to integrate innovative amenities. In a conversation with Courtney Knieper, the Assistant Property Manager, we gained valuable insights into the seamless implementation and remarkable impact of PrintWithMe and SipWithMe.
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“I would certainly recommend the WithMe devices to other properties…they come in and they kind of change your life for the better.”

Time efficiency

When asked if she would recommend WithMe amenities to other properties, Courtney expressed a resounding affirmation. She stressed the impact of these amenities on time efficiency and the overall delegation of responsibilities, noting that properties not utilizing these solutions may not be managing their resources as efficiently.

Revolutionizes convenience

One of the major challenges faced by Metro Apartments was providing residents with easy access to working and enjoyable amenities. The introduction of SipWithMe and PrintWithMe revolutionized the staff's day-to-day operations. The self-serve functionality of both amenities, coupled with real coffee options and specialty drinks with SipWithMe specifically, garnered positive feedback from both staff and residents.

Easy maintenance

PrintWithMe’s remote monitoring and auto-shipped supplies make this amenity hassle-free! Meanwhile, SipWithMe offers timely notifications for reordering that enable staff to efficiently manage supplies, reducing disruptions and enhancing workflow.

The WithMe advantage

Metro Apartments faced the challenge of upgrading an outdated and malfunctioning coffee service, adversely affecting resident satisfaction and online reputation. Courtney highlighted that the decision to adopt SipWithMe was influenced by its self-serve model, diverse drink options, and cost-effectiveness, making it an ideal fit for their budget. The transition brought about a positive shift in staff morale, as the SipWithMe system not only provided a reliable coffee experience but also streamlined the ordering process, eliminating daily complaints and enhancing the overall workflow. Courtney emphasized, "The wow factor is just incredible. It smells good, tastes good, works flawlessly, and solves every problem you might have with a coffee bar in an apartment complex."

The success with SipWithMe paved the way for the integration of PrintWithMe. Facing challenges with an unreliable office printer and resident complaints about printing disruptions, Metro Apartments sought a solution that would not only be functional but also efficient in terms of time and resource management. PrintWithMe, with its user-friendly approach and account-based printing, proved to be the ideal fit. Courtney highlighted the benefits, stating, "The time-saving aspect and the functionality of PrintWithMe are the two biggest upsides of the service. We don't get as many malfunctions, and it has significantly reduced the time spent on troubleshooting and managing the printing process."

Elevate resident living

SipWithMe and PrintWithMe enhance the resident experience and streamline property management tasks. The WithMe devices have become essential tools, freeing up time for staff and providing residents with unparalleled convenience and satisfaction. Discover how WithMe can make life better for your residents and staff today.
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