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“It's more local, it's more fresh, and you can really taste it in the coffee, and it's so good.”

Luxia River East, a thriving community in the heart of Fort Worth, Texas, has taken resident amenities to a new level by partnering with SipWithMe. Paige first encountered SipWithMe through one of ZRS Management's sister properties, where the concept, pricing, and freshness of the coffee made a lasting impression. She appreciated the variety of flavors and the convenience it offered to residents, which convinced her that SipWithMe was the right choice for her property. Paige needed a reliable and functional coffee amenity to replace their current one, and SipWithMe was the perfect solution.
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Key Takeaways: "you're staying within budget and you know that every single month, you're not going to go over budget."

Upgrade from Starbucks and 50%+ cost reduction

Before adopting SipWithMe, Luxia River East relied on a Starbucks machine and procured coffee supplies from Parkes Coffee. While the quality of Parkes Coffee was not an issue, the cost and wastage were concerns. Residents would often dispose of partially consumed cups of coffee, leading to exorbitant monthly expenses. SipWithMe offered an alternative with flexible packages and cost-saving options, helping Luxia River East cut its expenses by over 50%. Not only did the switch save them money, but the coffee has been more enjoyable too. Residents have been loving the coffee and drink options, and so has the onsite team. Paige shared, “Now our staff absolutely loves the coffee... I always do the drip, but my colleagues here, they love the latte option and the cappuccino. That's the thing too with the SipWithMe is there is something for everyone, you know, regardless of your preference.” Not only did Paige save her property, but she is still supporting a local, Texas-based coffee company, Independence Coffee Co., that’s located in Brenham, Texas.

Selling point and property tour attraction

SipWithMe has become a powerful selling point for Luxia River East. It's strategically placed along the tour path and is offered to prospects, making it an attractive amenity. When prospective residents visit, they're treated to a high-tech coffee machine that grinds fresh coffee. Paige explained, “Whenever we're touring these new residents, we get to show off this really cool, high tech looking machine and get to display like, ‘oh, you get fresh coffee grounded first thing in the morning or in the afternoon, whenever you do your coffee, it's fresh.’ And so it's a really great selling perk here.”

Budget-friendly and controlled costs

One of the most significant benefits of SipWithMe for Paige is its budget-friendly nature. As a property manager, Paige emphasizes the importance of staying within budget and appreciates that SipWithMe offers a fixed monthly cost. Paige stressed, “For me, I'm all about the money as a property manager. I'm always looking at my budget, always seeing how I can cut costs or stay within budget. And that was my favorite part about this is it is one price every single month that I'm guaranteed to pay. It's not going to fluctuate with coffee supplies or things like that. And that was my biggest selling point. Not only was everything so fresh, but you're staying within budget and you know that every single month, you're not going to go over budget.”

“It's been absolutely amazing” - Paige Debacco, Property Manager in Fort Worth, Texas

SipWithMe's partnership with Luxia River East has not only revolutionized coffee service but has also enriched the resident experience, streamlined operations, and reduced costs. Paige and her team at Luxia River East are living proof that SipWithMe is a game-changer for multifamily communities, offering an unbeatable combination of quality, variety, convenience, and cost-efficiency. Paige has enjoyed SipWithMe so much that she has already recommended it to her sister properties in Texas. Paige stated, “I'll always recommend it, because it's a fresh product. It's well within whatever budget that you have. And I mean, just all of the benefits. There are no cons. You know, so how could you go wrong?”

Controlled costs for predictive budgeting

Not only do properties enjoy all-inclusive pricing and fixed rates, but SipWithMe’s proprietary cup allowance system enables properties to provide a superior coffee amenity for residents without breaking budget. Properties can choose between a pay-per-cup, a set allowance of free cups, or unlimited free cups – all at a fraction of the cost of a coffee shop, but the same great quality of coffee.
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Efficiency and convenience

SipWithMe's automated supply ordering system has streamlined the process of replenishing coffee supplies. Unlike their previous system, where staff had to monitor and reorder supplies manually, SipWithMe's machine automatically notifies the team when an order is needed. This feature has reduced interruptions and created a hassle-free experience for both residents and the property management team.
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Texas-powered coffee for everyone

SipWithMe's versatility ensures there's something for everyone, irrespective of their coffee preferences. Not only are there robust options, but the coffee beans are fresh and locally roasted by Texas-based roasters, Independence Coffee Co. Located in Brenham, TX, the husband and wife duo behind Independence Coffee Co. have been roasting coffee since 2001. Their craft roasting technique ensures high-quality coffee that is consistent, fresh, and delicious.
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