International Village replaces two resident printers with PrintWithMe

Since 2021
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353 Units
Bloomington, MN

International Village is making life better for everyone with PrintWithMe

International Village offers high-end, garden-style apartment homes on 20 acres of land. Built-in 1968, these homes are well-maintained with modern amenities and luxurious spaces. One of their most popular amenities is the clubhouse, where they have offered PrintWithMe since 2021.

Before PrintWithMe, International Village needed two printers to meet the demands of their large community. These printers were often out of order, demanding time from staff.

"We would hear from residents a lot about having printer issues," lamented Executive Property Manager, Emily Paulino. The experience was frustrating for both staff and residents. But now, Emily and her team are thrilled to have PrintWithMe at their property, saying: "It's been a better service for our residents. So far, we have not had issues. I don't even know that we've had a jam…I would definitely recommend it."
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"I was surprised at how easy it was." - Emily Paulino, Executive Property Manager

Hassle and frustration-free

"It's been wonderful to hand off the process to residents…. to say, ‘Hey, instructions are here. If you have any issues, there's a number there you can call.’"

The team at International Village struggled a lot with their previous printer setup. They were often met with resident complaints, non-stop printer issues, and even the occasional toner cartridge explosion. The team was thrilled to find PrintWithMe, the easy-to-use solution that was hands-off, and worked for their big community.

A time-saver for residents & staff

"We just had toner arrive this week. Took it out of the box and put it in the machine, and that was it. We didn't have to monitor that the toner was running low. It just showed up. Y'all knew."

Residents can now print when they want, without disrupting staff. PrintWithMe is reliable and convenient for their large community. With auto-shipments, staff never needs to waste time tracking paper or rushing a last-minute order when something suddenly runs out.

Controls cost for property

"We can anticipate the cost. When we were providing our own toner, there was such a fluctuation of replenishing that and storing it."

The previous DIY printers set up at the International Village meant unpredictable costs. Supply costs frequently fluctuate depending on printer usage, and external factors. With PrintWithMe, management enjoys a fixed monthly cost that is all-inclusive of the printer, supplies, and support.

How it began

Prior to PrintWithMe, the team at International Village had two printers set up. Residents would go to the clubhouse expecting to print, but often couldn't because both printers would be out of order. Residents had to go to the office for help and spend more time waiting in hopes they could eventually print. Some residents tried troubleshooting without staff, causing additional issues such as an incident of a toner cartridge exploding. The property manager recollects there was black dust everywhere. It was time-consuming and costly to clean up.

Fed up with printing frustrations, the International Village team made the switch to PrintWithMe. "For us, it costs us less than a dollar a unit a month. Any sort of amenity service that you're paying for is probably going to cost more than it would if you took care of it yourselves. But there are benefits that come along with that… to have that amenity available to everyone, and have it available reliably, has been worth it." Over two years later, they never hear residents complain about printing anymore. As the property manager put it, "everyone needs to print out random things, but no one wants to have a printer in their home, so it's a great amenity to offer."

Easy to Use

With instructions readily available, residents can easily manage on their own without needing staff to walk them through the printing process.
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Auto-Ordered Supplies

PrintWithMe uses predictive analytics to auto-order supplies such as paper and toner. Before supply levels are too low, paper and toner are shipped to the property automatically. The cost of supplies is included in the flat monthly package fee.
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Consistent and reliable

With a 99%+ printer uptime and live customer support available 24/7, International Village staff don’t have to waste time troubleshooting print jobs.
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