The Game-Changing Benefits of PrintWithMe for Habitat Company

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“PrintWithMe is consistently one of our best vendor partners.”

The Habitat Company has been at the forefront of offering PrintWithMe as a valuable amenity for their multifamily communities since 2018. With over 4,000 market rate units utilizing the service, including 1,400 in this one Regional Manager's portfolio, the decision to implement PrintWithMe has brought undeniable value to their residents and on-site teams.
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“Absolute game changer at our properties…” - Steven St. Louis, Regional Manager for Habitat Company

Retaining residents with PrintWithMe

Steven not only enjoys the benefits PrintWithMe brings to staff but also notes "It's been instrumental in resident retention.” Shortly after deploying PrintWithMe in one of his communities, Steven received an email from a resident who worked from home and frequently complained about the previous printing solution. The resident told Steven, “You know, one of the main reasons I ended up renewing was the new PrintWithMe service. I absolutely love it.”

Not only does PrintWithMe help with resident retention, but it also helps attract new residents. Although printing may not be the reason prospective residents come to visit your property, services like PrintWithMe often play a role in making the final decision. The convenience and ease of WithMe amenities give your property an upper hand against the competition.

"PrintWithMe has made our on-site teams' lives better."

Once implemented, they realized the added advantages for on-site teams, such as "auto reminders for restocking, direct-to-property shipment of supplies, and an extensive customer service network for when things go wrong." Steven St. Louis refers to PrintWithMe as a "no-brainer resident printing solution for on-site teams. It's been an absolute game changer at our properties and will be a game changer for anyone that's still managing resident printing in-house.”

PrintWithMe has significantly improved the lives of their on-site teams, eliminating the arduous task of managing resident printing. They no longer need to constantly restock supplies or assist residents in troubleshooting printer issues.

Tailor-made solution you can count on

A unique aspect of PrintWithMe is its ability to be tailored to specific communities. Steven notes, "It's a tailor-made solution for service level that allows properties to select what solution works best for not only their demographic but their budget." PrintWithMe’s proprietary Print Allowance system empowers properties to provide a community printer without breaking the bank. Depending on the property’s need, residents can enjoy unlimited free printing, a set number of free prints, or pay to print each time.

PrintWithMe has consistently been one of The Habitat Company's best vendor partners. Steven commends the entire PrintWithMe team, from their account managers to support teams, for being readily available to assist with any issues or needs. He concludes, "PrintWithMe is always there for us."

How it began

Steven St. Louis, Regional Manager for the Habitat Company, highlights his initial decision to adopt PrintWithMe, saying, "Our original choice for implementing PrintWithMe at our communities was for its ease of use and value-add benefit that it provided to our residents. It has immense flexibility and ease of use. Residents are able to print from any of their devices with just a few clicks of a button. After deploying it at a few of our sites, though, it became clear the even greater benefits that it provides for on-site teams, from the auto reminders for restocking, direct-to-property shipment of supplies and extensive customer service network for when things go wrong. It's a no-brainer resident printing solution for on-site teams. It's been an absolute game changer at our properties and will be a game changer for anyone that's still managing resident printing in-house.”

Keep residents renewing

With more residents working from home, it’s important to have the right equipment in place to attract these residents and keep them happy in your community. PrintWithMe enables residents to print while empowering staff to focus on more important tasks.
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Make life better for staff

Printing for residents is often distracting and frustrating. Leveraging PrintWithMe takes the hassle off of on-site teams because it’s low maintenance, auto-orders and ships supplies as needed, and notifies teams when paper or toner is needed.
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Customizable packages to meet your needs

Not all properties need the same service, and not all have the same budget, which is why PrintWithMe offers different packages tailored to meet your needs.
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