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Denver loves WithMe Amenities

In the heart of Denver's vibrant LoDo area stands The Fitzgerald, a high-rise marvel managed by Greystar. Sergio Aguilera, the property manager, shares insights into how SipWithMe and PrintWithMe have transformed the resident experience and operational efficiency at this luxurious address.

Introduced by a former regional manager, Sergio was initially skeptical but intrigued by the concept of self-serve amenities. Delving deeper into the idea and its benefits, he was impressed by the potential value it could offer both residents and the property. Sergio remarked, “It was going to benefit not only the residents but the property. I was just kind of like, ‘Let's do it. Why not?’ I've been really happy with that. I'm glad I did.”
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“It has been amazing to have it.” - Sergio Aguilera, Property Manager for Greystar

PrintWithMe is stress-free

The PrintWithMe service, used as both a staff solution and resident amenity, has proven to be stress-free, efficiently managed by the on-site team, and embraced by residents for its reliability and ease of access. Sergio and his team love that they never need to worry about paper or toner as it seems to magically arrive just as supplies run low. Together, they’ve printed nearly 15,000 pages in just over a year. “We don’t have to do much with it. Our residents enjoy it. It’s been great. When there are issues, we just have the resident call the number on the machine and a rep will walk them through it. It’s been good. It’s been easy.”

SipWithMe is luxurious

Not only does Sergio love the sleek and high-tech design of SipWithMe, but the coffee drinks are “delicious” and the machine is used “all day long.” Prospects, residents, and even investors all stop to marvel at the elevated device – amazed at the quality of the locally roasted coffee from Ampersand Coffee and the sophistication of the experience. Sergio notes the added value SipWithMe brings to resident events and customer satisfaction. The Fitzgerald team leverages a free drink allowance to help cheer up residents having a bad day and foster a sense of belonging needed for resident retention. “It has been the best coffee machine… the best coffee experience, honestly, that I could offer to anybody.”

Satisfaction for staff and residents

“I will use it wherever I can moving forward.” Sergio highly recommends WithMe amenities for their ease of use, superior customer service, and elevated experience for residents. The automation and self-monitoring from these tech-enabled amenities have been revolutionary for the Fitzgerald team. “I kind of like living by that now. I really want programming anywhere I work moving forward. It's convenient. It's easy…I've been very happy with the product and I hope to continue using it for years to come.”

No real competition

“Just like looking at what the competitors were like in my experience with them, compared to what SipWithMe had to offer and how it’s maintained… SipWithMe lets us know when something's wrong. It's just very convenient. And I love the concept of it.” Sergio did his due diligence and vetted other providers, getting quotes from other reputable services, like Aramark. However, none of them were able to provide the same level of service, support, and quality that’s guaranteed with WithMe. The decision to adopt WithMe amenities was backed by the need to balance cost-effectiveness while providing residents with a valuable amenity. The machines’ ability to self-monitor, coupled with reliable customer support, set it apart from competitors.

Sergio emphasizes the accessibility and expertise of support for both staff and residents as a defining feature that sets WithMe apart from the competition. The devices are sleek, clean, and easy to use. Residents love the eco-friendly aspects of both machines and they’re supporting a local coffee shop with SipWithMe.

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Local coffee with curated drinks

SipWithMe partners with local coffee shop, Ampersand, to provide truly delicious coffee to Denver communities. Residents can choose between 20+ drink options. Sergio and his team frequently utilize SipWithMe, advocating its reliability and superior coffee quality. The machine's adaptability, offering tea and varied beverage options, further cements its value within the community. “It's sleek, it's clean, it's easy to use, there's customer support at all times. I love that machine. I will use it wherever I can moving forward.”
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Optimize operations with reliable support

Sergio emphasizes the sleek appearance and ease of use of the machines, coupled with ongoing support, freeing up valuable time for property management. Rather than troubleshooting on his own, Sergio appreciates that “there's always customer service on hand to walk [him] through any issues.” These smart devices, like how paper and toner are automatically ordered when supplies run low, have reduced tasks and eliminated room for mistakes that come with manual ordering. It has also empowered The Fitzgerald team to focus on meaningful projects.
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Impact on community

The arrival of SipWithMe coincided with The Fitzgerald's grand opening, contributing to the property's commitment to eco-friendliness by introducing branded mugs and reducing paper waste. Based on his positive experience, Sergio strongly advocates for WithMe amenities, praising their convenience, ease of management, and the value they bring to both residents and property managers. He's committed to incorporating these amenities in his future endeavors. At The Fitzgerald, the seamless integration of SipWithMe and PrintWithMe has transformed the resident experience, offering an elevated sense of service and convenience, and setting a new standard for modern multifamily properties.
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