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"Hey, switch over. It'll be much easier, and much faster for you guys. So much more convenient for you and your residents."

Locale Apartments in Allendale, Michigan, managed by Cardinal Group Management, faced printing challenges and network connectivity issues before discovering PrintWithMe. Community Manager Joshua Johnson shares his experiences with PrintWithMe, highlighting the significant improvements and benefits it brought to his community. His first introduction to PrintWithMe was at one of Cardinal Group's leadership summits. PrintWithMe was a sponsor for the event, and the potential benefits were evident.
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“It's kind of a no-brainer.” - Joshua Johnson, Community Manager for Cardinal Group

Better than the competition

Locale Apartments previously used a Xerox machine but experienced ongoing network connectivity problems. Although Xerox was a cheaper solution, the recurring issues led to continuous frustration and challenges. Joshua recalls, “We were spending 40, 50 hours of our team's time just on print services.” When they finally signed on for PrintWithMe, he said the switch was “drastic... It's a big difference. It's huge when it's syllabus time."

“It was really easy. I mean, plug and play. So very simple.”

PrintWithMe had a substantial impact on daily operations, saving the staff significant time. Before, they spent hours assisting residents with printing, especially during college syllabus time. PrintWithMe reduced this workload from hundreds to a few jobs a week. Joshua also appreciates the notification system saying, “You forget to change the toner, and you get an email once a day saying, ‘Hey, you still need to change the toner,’ which is a good thing. I appreciate that as well."

Peace and quiet

When asked about staff and resident feedback, Joshua shares his perspective, "The feedback is the greatest feedback that I, as a community manager, can ever receive: I hear nothing. It does not get better than that. That is literally the peak of praise that can be given right there." Joshua has already referred several colleagues to PrintWithMe and emphasizes its ease of adoption. He highlights cost-effectiveness, convenience, and proactive maintenance as key selling points for others in the industry. PrintWithMe simplifies printing and enhances the experience for both staff and residents.

PrintWithMe revolutionizes student living for Cardinal Group

Joshua chose PrintWithMe for the ease of use for residents and the relief it brought his team. Despite having a cheaper solution in place, it was ineffective and added additional stress to the team. He recalls the time sharing, “I felt like we were on 24/7 Kinko's for a long time.” The service's simplicity and convenience were paramount. Committed to providing residents with a premium experience, Joshua and his team still occasionally assist with occasional requests, but “it's three or four jobs a week instead of 300 jobs a week.” Between providing relief for his team and a reliable solution for residents, PrintWithMe was a clear solution over their previous setup with Xerox.

Ease of use for residents

Joshua brought PrintWithMe to his property because the system is so easy to use and convenient for residents. They can print on their own, when they need to, which takes away some of the stress that comes with being a student.
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Reliable equipment and support

Printing for residents is time-consuming, distracting, and an inefficient use of time. While managed printing services can help save time, it only really makes an impact if the printer is reliable. PrintWithMe boasts 99%+ uptime and offers support 7 days a week, so you actually get what you pay for.
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Gives student living an unparalleled advantage

Student living requires a lot of paper, printing, and late nights. Parents and students recognize this, looking for amenities that will set them up for success. PrintWithMe provides them with reliable convenience and gives the property an upper hand against competing properties.
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