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Since 2022
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Honolulu, HI

Must have amenity for this General Manager

Managed by Brookfield Properties Multifamily, Līlia Waikīkī is a picturesque 28-story tower housing over 400 residences. It provides a modern living experience that seamlessly combines elegance and comfort while serving as a sanctuary for residents and visitors to connect with the vibrant neighborhood and culture of Waikīkī. The General Manager, Emma Toy, has been a dedicated advocate for the innovative printing solution, PrintWithMe, since its introduction in 2014.

Emma's journey with PrintWithMe began during her tenure at Related Property Management. Faced with challenges like excessive costs on printer paper, toner, and staff time spent on resident printing needs, Emma discovered PrintWithMe. Impressed by its efficiency and time-saving capabilities, Emma has brought PrintWithMe to every property she's managed. “Ever since, every property I go to, I look for PrintWithMe, and I incorporate it into those properties.”
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Savings in printing costs and time

“Because of PrintWithMe, we have that feature for the residents when they need it.”

Sophisticated resident experience

Emma highlights the ease of maintaining PrintWithMe, emphasizing the seamless process it offers. With dedicated technicians available for troubleshooting and maintaining the equipment, Emma's staff is relieved of additional tasks. Despite not having a dedicated business center, Emma goes the extra mile by having her concierge team enter the secure release code for printing, ensuring a smooth and elegant process for residents.

Time and cost savings

The greatest benefits of PrintWithMe are time and cost savings, according to Emma. She estimates quarterly savings of at least $200 on printing costs and over $500 monthly in staff time previously spent on resident printing needs. Emma underscores how PrintWithMe is the reason she can offer printing, scanning, and faxing for residents – amenities that may not fit in the budget if not for this service, and the ancillary benefits.

Residents and staff love it

Residents at Līlia Waikīkī love the convenience offered by PrintWithMe. Emma mentions that they appreciate the ease of handling their printing needs from their apartments. Additionally, staff members, including concierge teams, find the process incredibly straightforward, enhancing their efficiency and reducing time spent on printing tasks.

“It's easy to maintain because you guys do everything.”

Getting approval for PrintWithMe was a straightforward process for Emma. She highlighted the selling points to the ownership group, emphasizing the cost-effectiveness and the time saved by not having to manage additional printing equipment. The concept of a self-maintained solution resonated well with ownership, making it a "no-brainer."

Emma Toy's experience with PrintWithMe at Līlia Waikīkī showcases not only the immediate benefits of time and cost savings but also the strategic advantage of positioning PrintWithMe as a valuable amenity to enhance resident experience and streamline operations. As an enthusiastic advocate, Emma hopes to see wider adoption of WithMe amenities across the property management industry.

Time and cost savings

Emma Toy emphasizes the significant time and cost savings achieved through PrintWithMe. The streamlined process not only reduces staff time spent on resident printing needs but also results in substantial savings on printing costs to the tune of $200/quarterly.
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Efficiency and convenience for residents

The convenience offered to residents is unparalleled by other printing solutions. Emma highlights that residents appreciate the ability to handle their printing needs easily from their apartments, eliminating the need to leave or own a personal printer.
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Seamless maintenance and support

Emma stressed the seamless maintenance process provided by PrintWithMe. With dedicated, outsourced support and a self-maintained system, the concierge team is relieved of troubleshooting and equipment management tasks, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both staff and residents.
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