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"I love working with WithMe"

Airie Apartments is a lakeside, mid-rise community in Denver, Colorado. Nana Bailey, the Community Manager, is a firm believer in the power of convenience. Her property is under the management of BH Management and has relied on WithMe amenities since 2021. Nana's introduction to WithMe came through her previous property management experience, where she discovered the dynamic duo of PrintWithMe and SipWithMe – a combination that left a lasting impression. As she transitioned to Airie Apartments, she was pleased to find that both services were already in place.
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Key Takeaway: “Oh yeah, this is great.”

Elevating the resident experience

The presence of WithMe at Airie Apartments has been a game changer. They’ve transformed the property into a more efficient and resident-friendly community. Nana notes that residents frequently express their satisfaction with the service, saying, "Oh, yeah, this is great." The advantages extend to prospective residents as well, as the presence of a conference room with a wireless printer is a nice selling point.

A hands-off approach for staff

Property management can be demanding, and Nana appreciates that PrintWithMe and SipWithMe alleviate much of the administrative burden. Nana highlighted how these services minimize the workload for on-site teams, allowing them to focus on other essential tasks. She adds, "It's a win-win. It’s just one more thing I don't have to do. I can count almost how much of an interruption that would be, especially with printing if we did not have that service. It’s so awesome."

A seamless and accessible solution

Both residents and staff have embraced the WithMe amenities. For the Airie Apartments, the WithMe experience has been nothing short of delightful. Nana sums up her experience by saying, "I love working with WithMe because of just how simple things are and how easily accessible it is to the residents, even us in the office, and just overall functionality." Nana commends the simplicity, accessibility, and overall functionality of the services.

PrintWithMe + SipWithMe = Perfection

PrintWithMe, a versatile and user-friendly printing solution, quickly became a resident favorite. Nana explains, "It alleviates residents having to stop by the office for printing needs. They can be self-sufficient this way." The easy-to-follow instructions on the printer make it a breeze for residents to handle their printing tasks independently, and the positive feedback has been overwhelming.

The communal aspect of SipWithMe, the coffee amenity, adds another layer of community-building. Nana highlights how it has created a social hub within the apartment complex, even for non-coffee drinkers.

Security & privacy

In properties with residents who work from home and depend on the convenience of a conference room and printing services, PrintWithMe is indispensable. “It serves as a good privacy solution for residents who need to print sensitive documents without involving a third party." WithMe’s software follows data compliance laws and protects residents and properties from security vulnerabilities that are otherwise present in community printer setups.
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World-class support

Nana also appreciates the quality of support she and her community get from WithMe. “The support team is great. I reach out to them and they answer in little time.” Whether a resident needs help, or staff has a question, WithMe support is available 7 days a week.
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Convenience & ease of use

Nana envisions these services as essential additions to her future properties, having seen firsthand the tremendous impact they have. The convenience and functionality of WithMe amenities are improving the overall experience at Airie Apartments.
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