These tech companies are bringing disruptive and positive changes to the apartment industry, as seen at NAA Apartmentalize 2019 in Denver.

Every year, 10,000+ attendees from the multifamily apartment industry flock to NAA Apartmentalize. This year, the highlights NAA presented included a fun-filled Welcome Party on the lawn at the Denver Art Complex, general session speakers like Mindy Kaling, and of course, exhibitors who perfected every inch of their booth spaces to showcase their amazing products and services.

Here are some of the exhibitors that were particularly buzzed-about at this year's NAA conference. Through their innovative technologies and customer-focused mindsets, each of these companies are set to reinvent the multifamily industry for the better:


Apartments List is a smart, simple, and seamless renting platform that automates the lead collection process so that leasing agents can focus on responding to qualified renters. This company is also an expert in researching and putting together solid resources from moving guides to renter migration report.

2. CheckSammy

CheckSammy is the simple one-stop-shop that collects and locates new homes for used items through their elaborate app-based marketplace. They also work closely with city councils and properties to completely take over the recycling process using their extensive distribution network that helps repurposing, relocating, and recycling old goods in a conscious manner.

3. InfoTycoon

InfoTycoon is an innovative asset management software that streamlines the due diligence process. Inspectors and property managers can access property performance (and damages) using their app instead of using messy spreadsheets, or worse, handwriting on paper. InfoTycoon’s mission is to help investors make deals fasters and ongoing asset management a breeze."

4. Jetty

For only 17.5% of the total security deposit cost, Jetty allows both the properties and the renters to sign their leases faster with guaranteed protection backed by a large insurance company. Properties can reimbursed immediately when a damage was done by the renters and Jetty will take care of the rest of the process.

5. PrintWithMe

PrintWithMe is makes printing simple for both property staff and the residents alike. They provide a premium printer amenity that includes a modern printer station, a live support team 7 days a week, and all the supplies you’d need to successfully outsource your print operations. Residents can print wirelessly, securely, and quickly from their own devices from anywhere.

Plus, PrintWithMe proudly only uses sustainable paper and helps residents reduce their individual electronic consumption by encouraging the use of shared resources (one community printer vs. everyone buying their own).

6. Tide Cleaners

Tide Cleaners is an on-demand, locker-based dry cleaning service that gives residents the luxury to get their laundry done without leaving the building. There is no cost for the property to offer this premium amenity to their community while upping their residents retention rate.

7. Fetch

Courtesy of Fetch

Fetch eliminates the need of a package room in the building and take the concierge off-

site entirely. They provide a door-to-door delivery and an indefinite storage period for residents. Residents simply set the time and date they want to receive their packages, and they will be delivered to their doorsteps in no time.

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