Here are the top four resident amenities that property staff should consider from this year's annual ZRS Education & Discovery (ZED) conference in Miami.

Sonia Dara from Microsoft Unboxed

Sonia Dara from Microsoft Unboxed speaking at the 2019 ZRS Technology Conference.

Dozens of apartment vendors attended the ZRS Education & Discovery Conference (ZED 2019) in Miami, Florida this month to showcase to cutting edge multifamily technologies, new apartment amenities and marketing strategies. Hosted annually by ZRS Management, the conference provided an intimate, poster-free opportunity for property staff from around the country to learn about emerging amenities that can help boost rentals and resident satisfaction.

Here are the top four new apartment amenities that our staff took note of at ZED 2019. These are amenities that all multifamily property staff should consider for residents that expect the highest in customer service and convenience:

1. Iotas

Iotas smart homes

Iotas | Smart homes for today's renters

Iotas takes smart home technology to a new level. Their smart home features include motion sensors, voice activation, and an all-in-one application that can control temperature, lighting, door locks, and outlets. Devices can be installed before move-in, so that renters can utilize it them right away.

Renters are able to log into the Iotas app to see their individual floor plan and select from preset stories including 'Good Morning', "Out for the Day', among others. Iotas analyzes each renter's routine based on their motion and behavior in order to create the perfect home environment.

2. Spruce


Spruce | Chore Less

Spruce frees up time for residents by offering services like managing chores, housekeeping, pet care, laundry and dry cleaning. No task is too small for Spruce and residents can have their dishes washed, plants watered, and sheets changed without lifting a finger.

Spruce is a great tool for busy professionals to relieve stress and enjoy their downtime. Property managers seeking luxury amenities for their residents should take a look at Spruce.

3. TF Living

TF Living

TFLiving | On Demand Experiences

TFLiving offers an amenity-based app that provides on-demand wellness experiences for residents. Services include personal training, pet care and social events, including cooking classes, happy hours, and paint & sip nights.

Resident events are often great ways for residents to meet one another, but they require lots of planning. TFLiving also relieves property managers of the stress of planning and coordinating resident events and improves residents experiences at their properties to increase renter retention.

4. PrintWithMe

PrintWithMe Apartment Amenity

PrintWithMe | Improving Multifamily Technology

PrintWithMe is a modern, self-service print station that auto-orders toner and paper. PrintWithMe printers can be placed in amenity spaces for residents to use at all times. Property managers are able to set monthly caps on free printing to save on expenses and residents enjoy the ability to print wirelessly from the PrintWithMe app or their own devices.

One of the greatest features about PrintWithMe is the amount of time that property managers can save with the service. The PrintWithMe printer amenity offers live customer service 7 days a week, so managers can focus on other priorities besides printing problems.

In sum, these four new amenities from ZED 2019 should help any apartment complex to drive new revenue and exceed the expectations of residents. Best of luck with the ongoing #amenitywars and hope to see you at ZED 2020!