"I appreciate the warm and welcoming culture at WithMe that is just as prevalent now as it was when I first joined the company 3 years ago. The company has provided me the tools and resources to continue leveling up my professional skills so that I can grow as the company grows."

"I was initially attracted to WithMe because the company presents as a forward-thinking business demonstrating a commitment to amplifying individual employee voices and providing opportunities for professional experience as the company grows. WithMe provides me with the challenge, the fast-paced environment, the autonomy and the growth that I had been seeking prior to joining the WithMe team. WithMe provides me the opportunity to challenge myself in different ways every day, enabling exponential professional growth as I continue to advance my skill set and my career. From day one, I have felt welcomed and valued. The emphasis on collaboration and open communication has created a positive and supportive atmosphere. It's refreshing to work in an environment where your ideas are not only heard but also embraced. WithMe feels like more than just a workplace, it's a place to thrive."

"WithMe has been a great place to grow my career. When I first started on the support team, I was able to work full-time while also being a full-time student. Once I graduated, I was promoted from the support team to our marketing team. My favorite part about working at WithMe is that even though we're a remote company, I still feel connected to everyone on the team through virtual social events and cross-departmental projects."

"Working at WithMe has been such a great opportunity. From the recruiting process to being a new hire, they assured me that the culture was different and amazing...and they were right! WithMe provides the work/life balance I was dreaming of! Almost 2 years in and I can say WithMe has been one of the best decisions. They offer so many great benefits to their employees, are open to feedback and everyone collaborates for the common goal. I actually look forward to my work week with my co-workers and working with my clients. One of my favorite parts of my job is working remotely but still feeling connected with my co-workers nationwide. Once a year, we get together for our company summit ,and it's like we have all known each other for years! It's a great way to meet/align all the different departments and teams, all while fueling our company's goals!

"My two favorite aspects of working at WithMe are the people and the product. I am beyond fortunate to get to work with such an amazing group of dedicated co-workers who make the days fun and exciting. We all show up for each other and are always willing to help as soon as it is needed. Being part of the sales team is pretty special - we all want each other to be equally as successful, just maybe with a little friendly competition along the way. Our products are truly revolutionizing the multifamily amenity space. WithMe's open candor policy allows us to bring ideas and suggestions to the table, and leadership truly listens and implements what makes sense for the company. I am very excited for where we are going and look forward to continuing to be part of the success!"

"The most exciting aspect of working for WithMe is the way the company's values and culture are constantly reflected in every single one of my coworker's attitudes and behaviors. Many companies preach great values, but I have come to learn that the people at WithMe eat, sleep, and breathe them!"

"WithMe employs an abundant and diverse team that facilitates a transparent, harmonious, and fun atmosphere. I know that each member of the team is dedicated to upholding our company values because they mirror our own personal values."