Property Managers, here is PrintWithMe’s list of the top four resident amenities services to prioritize when reopening during COVID-19.

We know that reopening apartment amenities after the state-by-state COVID-19 lockdowns will not be as easy as a flip of a switch. Apartments across the country are already making temporary, as well as permanent, new changes to their resident amenity services to protect everyone’s safety and health.

Prior to COVID-19, shared amenity spaces were designed to encourage in-person interaction; they were the key to fostering a neighborly community among the residents and the on-site staff. Unfortunately, we are now challenged to rethink the utilization of these common areas in order to support social distancing and to function as essential amenities crucial to renter’s new routines and lifestyles.

Here are our top four amenity services we recommend Property Managers prioritize during this careful reopening phase:

1. For Managing Occupancy Limits: Use Amenity Boss

Photo Courtesy of AmenityBoss.

We want to have trust in our residents that they will be social-distancing themselves responsibly when amenity spaces reopen. However, property managers need to stay one step ahead of any possible mishap and help facilitate the measures needed to ensure the safety of their residents and on-site teams.

One obvious solution is to manage occupancy limits. Smart software like Amenity Boss allows property managers to customize occupancy and time limits for each amenity. Residents can reserve and check into the amenity using a contactless amenity pass system.

This can avoid overcrowding of amenity spaces and guarantee fair opportunities for residents to use their amenities.

2. For Developing a Sanitization Protocol: Use Spruce

Photo Courtesy of Spruce.

Protecting residents’ and employees’ safety is paramount in combating the pandemic. The regular cleaning routine is no longer sufficient when the stakes are now much higher. Property managers need to develop a set of sanitization protocol that includes frequent cleaning rotation and pays special attention to high-touch areas.

To help relieve the on-site team from the burden, Spruce has recently launched a full line of service that include sanitization and disinfection of amenity spaces. Residents can also schedule a decontamination cleaning service for their own apartments using the Spruce app.

They also ensure that their employees are properly equipped with appropriate PPE while providing complete health checks for their employees prior to arriving for service.

3. For Communicating Your New Guidelines: Use Canva

Photo Courtesy of Fast Company.

Communication is key to making sure that you and your residents are on the same page especially when you reopen the amenity spaces. It is crucial that you relay the updates and guidelines clearly to your residents using every communication channel available such as updating your residents via email and placing appropriate signages throughout the community.

Using design software like Canva makes creating graphics for your messages easy and consistent. Whether it be signage outlining the hours of operation or a social media graphic that announces the reopening stages you recently implemented, Canva has a template for all your graphic needs.

They can even print and ship flyers or posters directly to you after you’re done creating the design.

4. For Residents Working From Home: Use PrintWithMe

Photo Courtesy of PrintWithMe.

The pandemic has forced the majority of the workforce to transition into working from home and this new norm is likely to stick around pass COVID-19.

Residents who are new to the remote working environment are tasked with great challenges such as limited space in their apartments; the lack of convenient printing options shouldn’t be one. Without access to their regular office printer, PrintWithMe has seen a recent uptick in printer usage since the shelter-in-place was put in order.

PrintWithMe’s printing process is entirely digital and contactless. Residents print via email using their own personal devices from the comfort of their own homes without having to log into a public computer or physically interacting with the printer.

Interested in getting PrintWithMe for your apartment community? Get in touch with our team today for more information.

This sums up our top four innovative amenity services for you to consider as you discuss your reopening strategies with your team.

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