Trips to the DMV are not always hassle-free. Make the experience better for both your guests and staff by offering a self-serve PrintWithMe printer amenity.

A trip to your local Department of Motor Vehicles (a.k.a. DMV or BMV) is traditionally a task many individuals dread. The dread is definitely understandable; nationwide, it’s unfortunately very common to expect long lines at the DMV in which you spend hours in line, only to find out that you forgot to bring with you a single important document that is needed for a new or expiring driver’s license. The possibility of being told to go home by DMV staff, print out the necessary document(s), and come back to stand in line for hours again is not something any of us want to experience.

Many DMV and BMV managers strive to improve guest experiences by implementing helpful solutions, such as offering online pre-registration, clarifying required documents online, setting up pre-checks at the door to assist customers before they even join the line, and more.

However, there’s one main obstacle standing between processing as many guests who walk through the door: guests that show up with incomplete documents.

Enter PrintWithMe. PrintWithMe is a self-serve,on-demand, wireless printing station that allows your guests to easily print out any documents they need right from their smartphones while waiting in line at your DMV location. Having a PrintWithMe printer at your DMV location helps in a number of ways:

  • Guests can print documents on the spot via email in seconds using any digital device. No need to leave the facility.
  • No need to order paper and toner; PrintWithMe auto-orders as needed.
  • Printing is secure, with all documents deleted immediately after printing.
  • PrintWithMe can provide a brand new revenue stream for your Licensing Agency, versus expensive PC kiosks.

PrintWithMe started working with DMV locations in 2020 after realizing the overwhelming number of Google reviews at DMVs reflecting frustrated customers who are complaining about traveling all the way to the DMV and then waiting in long lines for hours just to be turned away because they are missing a utility bill or a valid proof of address.

To learn more about how PrintWithMe is helping DMVs and BMVs to improve guest and staff experiences, we interviewed one of PrintWithMe’s early adopters, Bob Teodosio, the Owner of Deputy Registrar of Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV).

Q1: How long have you been partnering with PrintWithMe and how does it work at your Ohio BMV location?

Bob: We’ve been partnering with PrintWithMe since January 2020. The process is really seamless: when our customers are waiting in line and realize that they need something printed, a staff at pre-check will hand them an instruction sheet on how to use PrintWithMe and by the time it’s their turn, they’d tell our staff that they’ve printed their documents. Our staff pick up their documents and process their requests, and they’re out the door.

Q2: What is the biggest struggle your DMV experiences?

Bob: The biggest struggle in a DMV is usually managing the flow and getting people in and out the door as quickly as possible so that we can generate as many transactions in a day as possible.

Q3: What solutions have you implemented to help speed up the line?

Bob: The nice thing that we do here is having a staff stationed at the door to pre-check every customer that walks through the door. And let's say they are missing some pieces of proof of address, our door staff will tell the customer to go on and email their documents to the PrintWithMe printer. By the time they get to the counter, the document has already been printed. So there's no delay; it expedites the entire process!

Q4: How does having printing on-site help you stand out among other DMV or BMV locations and maximize your revenue?

Bob: If a customer comes in here with three IDs and a driver's license to process, and they don't have proof of address, I'm going to have to send them away. Once they walk out of the door, there’s no guarantee they’ll come back instead of going to other DMV locations, and [other DMV locations] are going to make the money. So my whole goal is to keep people inside the agency and not send them away without performing a transaction. That's the importance of having a PrintWithMe printer.

Q5: How does printing contribute to your customer experience?

Bob: Well, you can’t make everyone happy, but having PrintWithMe eliminates one reason for someone to be upset. Imagine having to already spend $50 or $60 on a sticker and being sent home just because you have to retrieve a piece of mail for proof of address–it’s pretty frustrating. So when I tell our customers that they can simply use PrintWithMe and it costs close to nothing, they’re thrilled.

Q6: What do your employees say about having a PrintWithMe at your location?

Bob: It makes my employees feel good and it’s made the atmosphere better! Think about it, customers no longer have to be turned away for missing a document that could be printed using PrintWithMe. Customers are in a better mood and when they get to the counter, they actually think that it’s so cool that we help them with printing. Instead of having a negative experience, everyone shares a positive one, because of PrintWithMe.

PrintWithMe is a proven and effective way to improve and elevate the DMV experience for both customers and staff alike. It helps (1) shorten wait times, (2) maximize revenue, and (3) increase the satisfaction of customers.

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