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Since April 2023
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“It's literally changed my life.”

At Skylar Grand Apartments, PrintWithMe has made a significant impact on the daily operations according to Katelyn Battles, the Community Manager. Katelyn emphasizes that the service has not only given her more time to focus on her tasks but has also strengthened her relationship with residents. Residents no longer need to approach her to print sensitive documents, which contributes to their sense of freedom and happiness within their community.
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Key Takeaways

“30 out of 10” recommendation

Katelyn expressed her enthusiasm for PrintWithMe, stating that she wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to other properties, even if they were managed by a different company. She views the PrintWithMe service as a standout feature of Skylar Grand Apartments. Katelyn's recommendation for PrintWithMe is nothing short of enthusiastic. She rates her recommendation as a "30 out of 10" and takes every opportunity to introduce the service to others in the industry. She explains, "Anytime I see anyone, I'm like, 'Do you have PrintWithMe?' It's literally changed my life. I don't have people in my inbox anymore asking to print stuff, and I'm like, I don't have the time."

WithMe team goes above and beyond

While discussing the staff's perspective, Katelyn acknowledges that one staff member, Victoria, faced initial connectivity issues due to the building's concrete structure affecting Wi-Fi coverage. However, PrintWithMe promptly offered a solution by providing a hotspot, which resolved the problem. This solution has been instrumental in ensuring that residents can use the space and the provided amenities effectively.

Reduced distractions and increased efficiency

With years of experience as a property manager, Katelyn shined a spotlight on the value of PrintWithMe in terms of time saved and reduced distractions. Unexpected print requests disrupt work and lead to productivity losses. "You have to get really focused to get into certain tasks... Honestly, it could be a range of like 20-minute tasks that I got taken off from to an hour task that I now have to restart. That adds up quickly," explained Katelyn. Prior to having PrintWithMe, Katelyn estimated that around seven hours a week were wasted due to printing-related interruptions.

“It's definitely improved our living experience and working experience here.”

Skylar Grand Apartments and Community Manager Katelyn Battles have experienced significant improvements in resident satisfaction and staff efficiency since implementing PrintWithMe. Katelyn explains, "I love my residents, but I honestly don't love when they come up to me and they're like, 'Can you print this?' And if I miss them, then they get upset. [PrintWithMe] has given the residents a lot of freedom and happiness to not feel like they have to bug me because… what if it’s a sensitive item? People printing their W2s or stuff for social security don't want other people seeing it. I don't need to see that. It’s a small thing, but it’s so big."
The PrintWithMe service not only saves time but also enhances the overall living experience for residents, making it a valuable addition to the community. Katelyn's unwavering endorsement of PrintWithMe speaks volumes about its impact on multifamily properties.

100% Satisfaction rating from Skylar residents

Katelyn notes that residents at Skylar Grand Apartments have expressed their satisfaction with the service, particularly those who work from home and require printing facilities. They see people using it daily and the same people come back again. “Everyone's been really happy with it,” shared Katelyn.
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Great benefit for any property

Katelyn reflects on her previous experiences at properties with no leasing offices and believes that PrintWithMe would have been invaluable in such settings. She mentions properties where the absence of on-site staff made it impossible to fulfill residents' printing needs without a service like PrintWithMe. “I wouldn't want to hold that back from another property, even if they were another company. I've had people tour here and I'm like, ‘Let me show you my favorite part of Skylar, which is literally the printer.’”
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Sleek design for an elevated feel

Katelyn also shares her fondness for the PrintWithMe device, appreciating its aesthetics and the attention to detail in its design, mentioning, "I don't know why I'm obsessed with the printer... the way that they put the name on it. I was like, ‘That's the cutest thing ever.’"
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