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WithMe amenities “made it significantly more easy on the team”

Situated at the heart of Dallas, Carlisle & Vine apartments offers an exquisite living experience. Briana Dashefsky, the Property Manager, shares how the strategic implementation of PrintWithMe and SipWithMe has revolutionized their community, transforming amenities and improving operational efficiency.

Briana's familiarity with PrintWithMe from prior properties led her to swiftly integrate the service at Carlisle & Vine. The decision to introduce SipWithMe emerged from a ZRS conference where its simplicity, remote troubleshooting, and inclusive product offering stood out as exceptional. Their hands-off support and uncomplicated setup inspired the choice, resonating with the property's needs.
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Key Takeaways: “Definitely, I'd recommend it.”

Financial gains and operational impact

The financial savings from WithMe's inclusive products and streamlined operations were highly beneficial. The cost-effectiveness and time-saving aspect was evident, providing a substantial return on investment for the property.
“It just makes it so much easier, not having a minimum to reach, not having to order products on top of paying for a service. So that's definitely made a huge positive impact for us financially and creating more of an ease for office staff as well.”

Happy teams for a better life

The simplicity and ease of use are reflected in the consistent recommendations made by Briana to other properties. Her team's satisfaction stemmed from the amenities' user-friendliness and hands-off operation, benefiting staff members in their daily routines.
“PrintWithMe and SipWithMe is something that we've really enjoyed using and makes it far easier on the office team than what we've done prior.”

Community building for resident retention

The provision of these amenities, particularly SipWithMe, transformed the resident community. The communal use of the coffee machine for morning gatherings and established routines has strengthened the community bonds, creating a unique, sociable space.
“It's been a good little meeting area for everyone to meet in the morning and say ‘hi’ and have their routines for the day.”

“They use it all the time”

Upgrade from coffee bar Before the adoption of these amenities, the property offered a full-service coffee bar, so making the shift to a convenient, user-friendly coffee machine was daunting at first. However, SipWithMe has been loved by residents with many preferring the machine-made drinks over the live barista. The cost savings have been dramatic while resident satisfaction continues to climb.

No more printing requests The introduction of PrintWithMe and SipWithMe significantly reduced resident reliance on property staff, providing residents with self-service convenience and reducing the burden on staff. Previously, staff was printing for residents, which was inconvenient and left them vulnerable to data privacy laws. Not only did the ease of access and high-quality products drew positive feedback from residents, but the added security makes residents feel safer and eliminates the risks that come with emailing sensitive documents for printing.

Briana's experience with PrintWithMe and SipWithMe at Carlisle & Vine echoes the transformative power of these amenities, underscoring their unmatched convenience, high-quality service, and positive impact on the property's day-to-day operations and resident lifestyle.

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