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PrintWithMe creates a competitive edge

Nestled in the heart of Charlotte, North Carolina, Aspen Heights University City offers a unique living experience designed to cater to the diverse needs of its residents. Managed by Asset Living, this gated community provides top-notch amenities and services that ensure resident satisfaction. As part of this case study, we had the pleasure of interviewing the property manager, assistant property manager, and leasing and marketing manager, who shared their experiences with PrintWithMe since 2022.

With student residents, PrintWithMe gives them an upper hand against the competition. Leasing and Marketing Manager, Connor Sauerbrey, noted this advantage saying, “The printer is one of the reasons that people are here. That's just the honest truth because other properties in the market…Some of them don't have one or it's not PrintWithMe.” James Marifiote, Assistant Property Manager, noted that “residents definitely love it. Where it's located on our property, they have access to it 24/7. It's super simple. They can send it to the printer from the comfort of their home, or if they're coming back from school or work.”
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“I would definitely recommend 100%” - Aldreaon Smith, Property Manager for Asset Living

Streamline daily operations

From the s perspective of Aldreaon Smith, Property Manager, the impact on daily operations was significant. Previously, they were wasting time and energy printing for residents – particularly during peak periods when students needed to print syllabi or essays for finals. The Asset Living team observed a reduction in the number of residents visiting the office for printing needs, thereby creating a more peaceful environment. The convenience of sending print requests directly to PrintWithMe allowed residents to retrieve their documents quickly, on their own time, and without assistance from staff. It was a game-changer for the property, and Aldreaon was a staunch advocate for PrintWithMe.

Superior service for residents and staff

PrintWithMe made life easier for staff and residents. The team highlighted a straightforward user experience, top-notch marketing materials, and ease of training for residents. James, assistant property manager, enthusiastically endorsed PrintWithMe, praising its ease of use for both residents and staff. He particularly appreciated the rapid response from the PrintWithMe team and its efficiency in alleviating the workload. PrintWithMe had become an invaluable asset for the property and a resident-favorite amenity.

Standout feature for properties

All three staff members wholeheartedly recommended PrintWithMe. They viewed it as a differentiator that sets properties apart from the competition. From a resident's perspective, Connor saw PrintWithMe as an absolute hit. Its round-the-clock accessibility and straightforward process made it an attractive feature. It added value to the property and often became a deciding factor for prospective residents. The ease of use and the convenience of printing documents without having to leave the community significantly contributed to its popularity.

Unanimously loved

Aldreaon initially encountered PrintWithMe while working for his previous company, the Scion Group. He recognized the need for a solution at Aspen Heights that streamlines printing and reduces costs. The decision to implement PrintWithMe was a no-brainer for him, saying “One thing that we do not have a problem with is PrintWithMe so I love it.” James noted that he found the service to be “efficient and easy to use for residents, the maintenance of it and the upkeep of it is super, super easy.” Meanwhile, Connor said PrintWithMe “saves time. It makes us happy. It just works.

All-in-one printing solution

PrintWithMe's comprehensive service, from providing the printer to handling supplies, simplified the property's operations and allowed staff to focus on more meaningful tasks.
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Optimize and simplify onsite workload

It simplified the onsite staff's workload and significantly enhanced the resident experience. PrintWithMe's seamless operation, convenience, and efficiency made it a vital addition to any community.
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Must-have amenity

The unanimous endorsement from property staff and residents alike underscores the unparalleled convenience and efficiency that PrintWithMe brings. From its ease of use and responsiveness to the valuable time saved, PrintWithMe is celebrated as a must-have amenity for any community.
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