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Arizona property embraces WithMe amenities

In the competitive landscape of modern multifamily properties, providing exceptional amenities is essential to stand out and enhance resident satisfaction. Glenn Schoeneck, Property Manager at The Standard in Scottsdale, Arizona, shares insights into the transformative impact of WithMe's SipWithMe and PrintWithMe solutions on their property.
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“It’s a valuable amenity that is worth paying for.” - Glenn Schoeneck, property manager for Greystar

Community engagement and brand identity

Glenn emphasizes WithMe’s positive impact on community engagement. He shares, "SipWithMe gives me a chance to meet with people around the coffee maker," reinforcing the sense of community. Glenn highlighted, “If they think positively a few days a week about where they live or their home experience, they're probably going to stay longer.” The quality of SipWithMe's coffee creates brand attachment, contributing to a positive brand identity for The Standard.

Making lives better every day

Glenn identifies the overarching benefit– serving the community. “The residents feel we are trying to do something for them." SipWithMe and PrintWithMe go beyond convenience; they contribute to an improved, accessible, and community-centric living experience, aligning with The Standard's commitment to making residents' lives better every day. “The quality is definitely top shelf.”

Value for residents and management teams

Does Glenn recommend WithMe amenities? "Definitely. I would definitely recommend bringing both amenities and finding a way to get it to work with your budgets… it is definitely a value for the residents.” Glenn even noted a recent 5-star review for the property that specifically called out coffee as one of the best perks of being a resident.

Empowering property management teams

Glenn emphasizes the perpetual challenge in the property management decision process: "How do we enhance the value for residents and/or get a return on investment?" He appreciated the flexibility that comes with WithMe’s amenities. Although they are currently on an Unlimited plan for SipWithMe, Glenn is thinking about exploring SipWithMe’s Cup Allowance package, as the community has embraced the Print Allowance program with the printer amenity. The freedom to move between plans and tailor them to fit a property’s budget empowers managers to achieve the ever-changing task of balancing value for residents and a return on investment.

Glenn also called out how WithMe’s amenities are excellent selling tools during prospect tours. He tells prospects, “If you go to Starbucks, you don't have to go to Starbucks anymore. You're gonna save a lot of money just coming down here and enjoying our mocha chocolate latte.” Whether offering free coffee or Pay-Per-Cup, residents enjoy major coffee savings for barista-quality drinks paying just over $2 per drink at most.

The Standard's experience with WithMe's amenities illustrates their transformative impact on resident satisfaction, community engagement, and overall property value. As modern multifamily properties seek to differentiate themselves, SipWithMe and PrintWithMe stand out as must-have solutions that enhance the resident experience and foster a sense of community.

SipWithMe – more than just coffee

SipWithMe, installed in March 2023, emerged as a hot amenity, offering barista-quality beverages without the hefty price tag. Glenn notes its popularity, averaging around 40 cups a day, making it a standout feature during property tours. Resident reviews echo this sentiment, with one resident expressing, "The pool and free coffee are the best parts."
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PrintWithMe – a convenient work solution

Installed in June 2023, PrintWithMe provided residents with a secure and eco-friendly wireless printing solution. Glenn highlights its growing popularity and mentions its positive impact on resident satisfaction. The 24-hour access to the clubhouse, housing both amenities, enhances the community feel, fostering interactions between residents and staff.
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