These 5 Denverite facts will change the way you explore NAA Apartmentalize 2019, and any conference in the future.

Technology dominates all topics surfacing from the multifamily industry and it will certainly take centerstage at the upcoming NAA Apartmentalize 2019 Expo too.

Here at PrintWithMe, we have set our visions on streamlining and automating processes using technology so that property managers can spend less time running a print shop and reinvest those time in speaking to the needs of their very own unique community.

As much as we care about efficient technology, our team also deeply cares about serving our communities and giving back to others. We think about how we can help others in every aspect of our day-to-day work.

To do that, we first have to understand the community we aim to serve. To help NAA visitors gets to know Denver a bit better, PrintWithMe has put together a research piece to help us learn about the Denver community we are about to be in when we make our way to NAA 2019 (in two weeks!).

1. Culture thrives when you have fun doing it

In a study conducted by the Colorado Business Committee for the Arts, nearly two billion dollars were generated by metro Denver art, cultural and scientific organizations in 2013. This comes to show that when you find joy in doing the things you put your hands on, it flourishes.

Trade shows and expositions can be dreadfully long, and exhausting if you’re not injecting the fun into it. PrintWithMe took this finding to heart and we’ve made it a goal to help all NAA attendees create those fun moments.

Check out our hilarious “Office-themed” photo booth with your friends and capture your happy NAA times at Booth #2034!

2. Denver’s recycling rate ranked surprisingly lower than many other cities

A study in 2016 done by the Colorado Public Interest Research Group (CoPIRG) and Eco-Cycle shows that Denver’s recycling rate at 12% falls well below the national averages at 35%. One of the reasons Denver isn’t on par for their recycling efforts is because the city currently does not require that apartment complexes with seven apartments or more provide convenient recycling services to their residents.

This is something we can all take into our own hands! This year at NAA, make sure you keep a lookout on exhibitors that are there to provide sustainability solutions such as CheckSammy that makes it easy for residents to trade in their used items.

PrintWithMe has also recently just launched our Green Policy where we are committed to providing paper recycling resources to all of our partners upon request to encourage responsible printing in every community.

3. It’s called Mile High City for a reason

The Mile High City earned its name because it sits at an elevation of exactly one mile above sea level. Higher altitude also means bluer skies, warmer sunshine and drier air, something Denverites wear with great pride but might be a challenge to those coming from lower altitudes.

As a reminder, be sure to hydrate to avoid headaches and help your body adapt to the mountain air of the region. If you’re enjoying the Denver’s craft beer scene, know that the rarified air make alcoholic drinks pack more of a punch than at sea level, so drink responsibly!

4. Forget about Bud Light, it’s all draft beers

The home to Coors and thousands of other microbreweries such as Prost Brewing and 14er Brewing Company, don’t expect to find Bud Light on tap when you’re out at a bar in Denver.

Take this chance to explore the local brewery scenes in Denver using this guide. We’d even suggest you to take it one step further by setting up meetings at a nearby brewery instead of the hotel lobby or a conference room.

5. Denverites are (very often) transplants

Denver grew by 30% in the 1990s - an average of 1,000 new residents a week, every week for 10 years. Its diversity brings colorful personalities to neighborhoods like the RiNo Art District where creatives from all around the world reside and made Denver the thriving city as it is today.

Tens and thousands of us travel across the country to gather at NAA. We’d like you to see it as an opportunity to learn from someone of a different ethnicity, educational background, and professional experience. You will find out one of the PrintWithMe team members actually sings acapella!

We can’t wait to see you soon in amazing Denver, Colorado. Meet the PrintWithMe team at booth #2034 at NAA 2019. See you there!