Here are our top 5 ideas to (pumpkin) spice up your resident events this coming fall and keep your communities close while practicing social distancing.

Fall is arguably the most beautiful and fun season of the year, with festivities like Thanksgiving and Halloween or the simple pleasure of watching the changing colors of the leaves. Multifamily apartment communities are often very excited about the fall season, curating fall-themed resident events aimed to bring the community together to celebrate the season of gratitude.

However, thanks to COVID-19, 2020 has a very different plan for fall resident events. While in-person events and parties are off the table, there are plenty of virtual event ideas that property managers can explore to help keep residents engaged and delighted from their very own homes. Virtual resident events provide the perfect opportunity to keep your community connected during these uncertain times.

Here are our top 5 virtual apartment resident events for the Fall 2020 season!

1. Organize a Remote Pumpkin Decorating Event

Pumpkin decorating is the staple of the fall season. Although hosting an in-person pumpkin carving contest seems impossible as of now, companies like Garden Streets have just the perfect solution to help make this classic fall activity virtual and memorable.

Garden Streets is a nature-inspired company that hosts hands-on, family-friendly virtual events that will allow your residents and your team to bond over a unique experience. Not only do they supply all the materials needed, but the best part of all, everyone gets to “bring home” a fall centerpiece as a reminder of the wonderful experience.

Courtesy of Garden Streets

2. Throw a Virtual Seasonal Food or Wine Tasting Party

Connecting with our neighbors while enjoying a glass of wine and snacking on cheese smorgasbord on a Friday happy hour event might feel like history. Luckily, catering companies are aware of the global virtual shift during COVID-19 and are fully capable of catering to your virtual food and drink events as well.

For your next virtual event, have a curated seasonal snack box delivered straight to your residents’ doorsteps or pre-order different wines from your local favorites and coordinate pick-up times with your residents. Then set up a virtual food or wine tasting party for all your residents to log in and enjoy great food and drinks together.

Courtesy of Snackmagic

3. Host a Halloween or Fall-Themed Decor Contest

With everyone being stuck at home, refreshing apartments and homes with seasonal decorations become key to getting into the celebratory groove.

Host a simple and effortless Halloween or fall-themed contest and encourage your residents to decorate their apartments with their spookiest ideas. Residents can draw inspiration from Pinterest or blog posts like this by Havenly and then share it on social media. The photo with the most “likes” wins!

4. Organize a Virtual Fall Recipe Swap

After months of quarantining indoors, many of your apartment residents may have run out of ideas on what to cook at home. So, why not bring a twist to the old-school, fall-themed recipe swap and inspire each other to try out new recipes?

Download the printable fall recipe cards from our Activity Center and host a virtual “show and tell” with your residents by having them show off delicious apple pies, share their family recipes, or simply grab a spiked apple cider and join the chat!

5. Host a Remote Lip-Syncing Battle

Imagine a virtual karaoke party, but swap actual singing for lip-synching, and add lots of wacky costumes. Sounds fun? We thought so too! Check out Hidden Door for easy setup of a remote lip-syncing virtual event for residents. Hidden Door lets you decide on the song or they can give you some options to choose from.

Residents are encouraged to be as creative as they wish to be in their video clips for their temporary stardom. Hidden Door will then compile and edit all the clips you submitted to create a final product like the one shown below. It will certainly get everyone talking about it for the rest of 2020.

Courtesy of Hidden Door (Vimeo)

In these challenging times, property managers are juggling different balls, from budgeting to engaging with residents, when many are still working remotely.

Our team at PrintWithMe admires the dedication property managers have towards curating an enjoyable living experience for their communities so, we want to help make your job easier. Whether it is generating useful content on our Activity Center or taking resident printing off your table, we are here to help.

Leave a comment below if you have tried any of the suggestions listed above or if you have more ideas we should add to the list!