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Samuel Mtunga | Principal | XFD Real Estate Partners
EPISODE SUMMARY In this episode of Multifamily Excellence, Samuel Mtunga, principal at XFD Real Estate Partners, chronicles his riveting journey from temp laborer in student housing to co-founder of one of its most formidable management companies.  Samuel candidly reflects on the challenges he faced in XFD’s early years. He describes how limited resources and evolving […]
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Prepare Your Multifamily Property for Peak Leasing Season Perfection
Move over winter, spring, summer and fall. In multifamily, the heavy hitters are budget season and peak leasing season.  A staggering 70% of moves occur between Memorial Day and Labor Day, creating a three-month frenzy of online inquiries, tours, screenings, applications, move-ins and move-outs.  This demanding and pivotal point of the year requires careful planning […]
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Amenities Your Residents Will LOVE
Get ready to become a master of amenity matchmaking! This interactive and engaging webinar will help you discover how to strategically plan and implement amenities that align with the unique needs of your resident community. Our panel of multifamily experts will reveal game-changing options that don’t just create “love at first sight” moments for prospects […]
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Home Is Where Your Apartment Is: Building Community to Enhance Resident Retention
As property owners and managers face the ongoing challenge of retaining residents in competitive housing markets, cultivating a strong sense of community has emerged as a powerful and effective solution.  From setting the stage at move-in to hosting engaging events that continually foster a sense of belonging, turning four walls into a home requires ongoing […]
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Multifamily Excellence Unplugged: Preserving Culture in Vertically Integrated Companies with Matt Fiascone
There are numerous business advantages to vertical integration in multifamily, like increased control over the supply chain, improved efficiency and enhanced customer experience.  However, it also poses unexpected challenges, like preserving company culture. As companies expand vertically, and their workforce becomes dispersed across various locations, maintaining a unified and cohesive culture becomes a nuanced task. […]
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How Four Multifamily Properties Transformed Community Living with Tech-Enabled Amenities
Every champion has a secret weapon, and some of the most powerful tools in multifamily are programmatic, self-serve amenities. Thousands of property managers across the country partner with WithMe to give their properties a competitive advantage through tech-enabled resident amenities that make the lives of staff and residents easier. Read four stories of how property […]
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Pressing On: A Black History Month Celebration of Leaders in Coffee and Printing
Welcome to Black History Month! This annual observance, which takes place throughout the month of February, provides an opportunity to reflect on the profound impact that African-Americans have had on history, culture, science, politics and countless other facets of human achievement. Black History Month traces its roots back to 1926 and the pioneering efforts of […]
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WithMe and Frothy Monkey Roasting Co. Partner to Elevate Coffee across Nashville Multifamily Properties
Multifamily proptech company brings its innovative coffee amenity to Nashville, with Frothy Monkey Roasting Co. serving as exclusive roaster partner.  Chicago - (February 8, 2024) SipWithMe debuts in Nashville this week, offering multifamily properties access to an advanced bean-to-cup amenity featuring locally roasted coffee from Frothy Monkey Roasting Co. SipWithMe not only transforms the coffee […]
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Matt Fiascone | President | The Habitat Company
EPISODE SUMMARY In this episode of Multifamily Excellence, Matt Fiascone, president of The Habitat Company, offers intriguing insight into his illustrious career.   Starting with his serendipitous foray into the real estate industry, Matt recounts his journey through the evolution of asset management - from manual, paper-based processes to today’s sophisticated digital tools - emphasizing […]
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