One of WithMe's core values is customer obsession. We routinely survey our clients to gather feedback about their experience and their satisfaction with our resident printer amenity, PrintWithMe.

Our latest survey was completed by multifamily professionals representing hundreds of properties across the United States. We asked participants to tell us which aspects of PrintWithMe they find most valuable - and why. Here are the top five answers, accompanied by candid feedback.

Ease of Use

PrintWithMe was designed to make resident printing simple and convenient. Completely wireless and self-serve, residents can quickly print from any electronic device by uploading documents via the PrintWithMe website, iOS app or email.

"I absolutely love PWM. They make it so easy to keep the machine up and running. The technology is user-friendly for my residents, and we always get our supply shipments on time. This has become a much more popular amenity in my building since we switched to PrintWithMe!" -Hayley Morgan, Greystar

Hands-Off Maintenance

PrintWithMe is virtually hands-off for on-site teams. Devices are remotely monitored for technical issues, as well as low supply levels. When paper or toner run low, replacements are automatically shipped. Plus, all technical support is handled by the PrintWithMe team.

"PrintWithMe has been an easy solution to an amenity that was constantly causing headaches for residents and our staff. We know the monthly cost, and there is an inherent value in not having unexpected issues with the printer itself, supplies on-hand or resident error." -Emily Paulino, Village Green

Resident Satisfaction

The Wall Street Journal recently reported that a community printer was the most-desired amenity in multifamily.

PrintWithMe offers residents 24/7 access to wireless printing, as well as live support 7 days a week. They no longer have to rely on on-site teams to print their documents during normal business hours - or deal with the constant aggravation of an unreliable device. Convenient, reliable access to a top amenity leads to increased resident satisfaction and higher retention.

"PrintWithMe has been an excellent solution to our residents' printing needs. It's easy, convenient, and works great. I was surprised at how much use it gets! Plus, it reduces our workload and requires practically no maintenance. Truly a must-have for any residential property!" -Stephen Seltzner, Simpson Housing

Automatic Paper & Toner Shipments

The WithMe team remotely monitors the paper and toner levels of every PrintWithMe device. As soon as one starts to get low, a new supply is shipped immediately. The only thing the property has to worry about is filling the paper tray and installing new cartridges.

"PrintWithMe takes printing out of the property's hands almost completely. Our residents find it easy to use, and we never have to worry about running out of paper or toner! PrintWithMe takes care of everything in the background, and we get to forget about our printer until a new paper delivery arrives - a delivery we didn't have to ask for!" -Chelsey Brinson, Core Spaces

Wireless Printing from Personal Devices

PrintWithMe gives residents 24/7 access to wireless printing. Documents can be uploaded any time, anywhere, from any wireless device through our website, in our app or by email.

"The communication with PrintWithMe is fantastic. They are always responsive to our needs, and our residents enjoy the ease of not having to disturb management for copies. It's self-serve, which is what people want." -Conrad Fultz, RC Residential Management

Interested in finding out even more reasons why multifamily professionals love PrintWithMe? Check out our survey results report.