Here are the top four multifamily technologies featured at this year's annual NMHC OPTECH conference in Dallas.

Artificial Intelligence Leasing Agent

Trending topics at NMHC OPTECH this year included artificial intelligence, data privacy, and self-guided tours.

Over 2,000 professionals in the multifamily industry attended this year's NMHC OPTECH Conference. If you haven't already, check out our blog post on the Key Takeaways from Optech 2019 for access to summaries of speaker presentations and slides from the conference.

Many of the speaker presentations at OPTECH focused in on the topics of data privacy, artificial intelligence, and self-guided apartment tours, so we've decided to make a list of companies that have developed innovative technology in some of these areas.

Here is our list of the top 4 companies at OPTECH 2019 with innovative technology that will change the leasing process for renters and save time for your property staff:

1. Apartment Geofencing

Apartment Geofencing

Apartment Geofencing | Precise Prospect Targeting

Apartment Geofencing is a brand new company founded in 2019 by Matthew Kilmurry. Apartment Geofencing uses technology to create digital fences around target zones that rental prospects are likely to visit such as competitor properties, neighborhood points of interest, employers, and more. Prospects in these areas are served targeted mobile ads that encourage them to visit the property website or make an appointment for a tour.

Apartment Geofencing clients can also place a geofence around their own property as a conversion zone, so they can track how many prospects from their target zones actually enter their leasing office. With geofencing, digital advertising can replace traditional community outreach and foot traffic can be digitally tracked. Visit to learn more!


LeaseHawk | AI Leasing Agent (ACE)

LeaseHawk recently introduced a new AI Voice Assistant technology called ACE in the summer of 2019. ACE is a virtual leasing agent that can distinguish callers from residents or prospects and is able to set appointments, check apartment availability, answer leasing questions, and collect guest card info.

ACE technology is able to answer leasing calls when agents can't get to the phone. With nearly 49% of phone calls being missed by leasing office, ACE technology can help fill the gap and give prospects the info they need to continue their leasing journey.

3. Tour24

Tour 24

Tour 24 | Always Open. Always Leasing.

One of the most popular topics at OPTECH was self-guided tours. According to survey data, 40% of U.S. adults have passed on a property because they couldn't find time to see it. Almost all renters want to see an apartment before leasing, yet it's extremely hard to get to a leasing office after work.

Tour24 has developed an app that prospects can use for self-guided apartment tours, so that properties are able to keep their doors open for touring 24/7. Renters can follow audio and text prompts on their mobile phones and learn about a community using the Tour24 app. Many management companies have begun to augment their leasing experience with self-guided tours for after hours touring and re-tours. Check out the Tour24 demo video here to learn more.

4. PrintWithMe


PrintWithMe | Secure Resident Printing

While printing isn't the most sexy tech innovation, PrintWithMe has developed a product that you'll want to put some thought into. PrintWithMe offers self-service printers that encrypt resident documents and delete them after printing is complete, so that their information is kept completely confidential.

Data privacy was a hot button topic at OPTECH because of the new California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) legislation taking effect in January 2020. PrintWithMe addresses data privacy concerns related to printing, so that can print private documents confidently knowing that their documents are secure. Printing support is also available 7 days per week for residents and all supplies are auto-ordered and shipped directly to the property, so that leasing staff don't have to spend time dealing with printer issues.

That's a wrap of our Top 4 Companies at OPTECH 2019! We hope you've enjoyed our roundup of some of the most innovative tech companies in #Multifamily at the moment. We hope to see you at OPTECH in Vegas next year!