At WithMe, we firmly believe a company is only as strong as its team. 

In the inaugural episode of the "Multifamily Excellence" podcast, WithMe Founder and CEO Jonathan Treble interviews David Danish, SVP at LivCor, to uncover valuable insights on building high-performing and fully engaged teams.

Let's face it –  employee turnover in multifamily is particularly high. Property managers, leasing agents and maintenance teams often face burnout and undervaluation, contributing to industry-wide labor concerns.

David's insights offer a roadmap to not only retain but also empower your team. Inspired by his philosophies, we've distilled four strategies for creating teams that endure the labor challenges of the multifamily industry and contribute to the long-term success and growth of your organization.

Onboarding: A Strategic Investment

Focus on creating a robust onboarding experience. Ensure new team members are exposed to the right individuals, relationships and skills needed for success. Initially, a detailed onboarding process is needed to ensure that individuals have the necessary tools and connections to do their job. Over time, acknowledge that the proximity to individuals' work during onboarding needs to wane for the team to grow and become scalable. Onboarding is a strategic investment in the long-term team and organizational success.

Empowerment and Trust

Hire individuals smarter than you. Treat team members as colleagues with different responsibilities, fostering a non-hierarchical atmosphere that respects ideas and empowers decision-making. Ask questions and encourage open dialogue to create a collaborative and inclusive environment.

Care-First Culture

Prioritize the well-being of team members by considering their personal lives and respecting their work-life balance. Show care through simple gestures like understanding meal breaks or accommodating different time zones.

Plus-Two Hire Philosophy for Scalability

Embrace the "plus-two hire" concept. Select team members who not only excel in their current roles, but also have the potential for two additional promotions. Assess every prospective new hire with the mindset of their long-term success within the organization, considering their ability to adapt and thrive in evolving roles. Acknowledge the role of the "plus-two hire" philosophy in sustaining rapid growth, especially during periods of expansion. 

By prioritizing onboarding excellence, fostering empowerment and trust, embracing a care-first culture, and adopting a plus-two hire philosophy, you're not just building a team; you're constructing a path toward the sustained success of your organization.

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