If you haven’t already heard, community printers are all the rage in multifamily right now. With recent mentions in The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post, forward-thinking property management professionals have turned their attention to this small amenity that is making a major impact on operational efficiencies, cost savings and resident satisfaction.

How Chicago's The Madison at Racine Transformed Resident Printing: A True Story

The following is a success story that highlights how one Class A property in Chicago’s West Loop neighborhood made life better for residents and staff alike by implementing PrintWithMe, multifamily's elevated printer amenity.

The year is 2016. 

Residents at Chicago’s The Madison at Racine, a luxury high rise in the Lincoln Property Company portfolio, are relying solely on the property management team for their printing needs. 

Processing print jobs for 216 apartment homes is no small feat, and it has become a heavy burden for the property management team to bear. 

Residents are growing increasingly frustrated at the amount of time it is taking for the staff to print their documents, and they are also aggravated by the fact that they are only able to print during leasing office hours. 

In a building with top-tier amenities - including a fitness center with skyline views, an outdoor rooftop sundeck, concierge service and functional work spaces - this antiquated approach to printing makes zero sense.

After two years of printing insanity, the management team has finally had enough. They reach out to WithMe for help. 

Installing a PrintWithMe device completely changed the game for everyone at The Madison at Racine. And it didn’t just fill a need. It offered an experience that complemented the superior quality of all of the other amenities the residents had come to know and love. 

To this day, residents at The Madison at Racine enjoy having the ability to print from anywhere, any time, from any wireless device. And because of PrintWithMe’s advanced data security protocols, they no longer have to worry about how their personal information is being handled or used. 

Residents aren’t the only ones who have benefited. Thanks to having access to live support 7 days a week, the staff no longer has to handle printer troubleshooting and repair. Thanks to having paper and toner automatically shipped to their door, they no longer have to make trips to the store. Thanks to all-inclusive pricing, their budgeting is hassle-free. And thanks to PrintWithMe’s advanced security features, they have one less vulnerability to worry about as data privacy legislation rolls out. 

Since installation, 820 residents have printed 35,853 pages with an 8/10 satisfaction rating. Who knew a printer could have such an impact?!

If it’s time to level up your resident printing, let’s talk!